NO LIGHTS Unveils Enigmatic “Sparrows” Video: A Glimpse into the Upcoming Dream Eraser Album

NO LIGHTS, Dream Eraser, Sparrows, indie rock, post-punk, Bay Area, music video, debut LP, The Ghost Is Clear Records, No Echo,

May 2, 2023

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No Lights, Dream Eraser, Sparrows, Indie Rock, Post-Punk, Bay Area, Music Video, Debut Lp, The Ghost Is Clear Records, No Echo,
No Lights Unveils Enigmatic "Sparrows" Video: A Glimpse Into The Upcoming Dream Eraser Album 3

Photos by Vanessa Caron-Cantin

San Francisco’s very own indie sensation, NO LIGHTS, is gearing up for the release of their much-anticipated debut LP, “Dream Eraser.” Slated for release in June through The Ghost Is Clear Records, the band has partnered with No Echo to premiere the music video for their latest single, “Sparrows.”

A Unique Fusion: Post-Punk Meets Bay Area Hardcore

NO LIGHTS’ sound is an intriguing blend of post-punk and indie pop, with a touch of Bay Area hardcore and metal. The band’s distinct style is a testament to the diverse musical backgrounds of its members, including guitarist and lead vocalist Matt O’Brien (Early Graves, Grace Alley), guitarist Israel Branson (Set Your Goals), bassist Ian Miller (Kowloon Walled City, Redemption 87), and drummer Dan Sneddon (Kowloon Walled City, Early Graves).

The Enigma of NO LIGHTS: Familiar Yet Unpredictable

Listening to NO LIGHTS is like wandering through the streets of San Francisco as depicted in a Hitchcock film—familiar yet unpredictable, beautiful yet unsettling. The band’s music resists easy categorization, and their influences are as diverse as The Pixies, The Cure, The Wipers, and Echo And The Bunnymen.

NO LIGHTS’ debut comes on the heels of their double EPs, “Stay Awake” and “June Bug,” released just before the world came to a standstill in early 2020. Now, in 2023, “Dream Eraser” marks the band’s triumphant return with ten evocative tracks that showcase their emotive and captivating sound.

Behind the Scenes of Dream Eraser

“Dream Eraser” was brought to life through the collaborative efforts of Scott Evans, who handled recording and mixing at Sharkbite and Anti Sleep Studios, Carl Saff, who mastered the album, and Justin Mcniff, who contributed the artwork.

The “Sparrows” Video: A Journey Through Alienation

Directed by Justis Krar, the music video for “Sparrows” explores themes of alienation and the juxtaposition of old and new, beauty and decay. Matt O’Brien, the band’s lead vocalist, explains that the song’s nonlinear narration is open to interpretation, inviting listeners to draw on their own experiences. Justis Krar adds that the video challenges the notion of optimization, questioning whether it is truly the ultimate goal.

Critical Acclaim: NO LIGHTS’ Sonic Realms

No Echo praises NO LIGHTS for their ability to navigate the sonic realms of post-punk and melodic indie rock, with a focus on subtle atmospherics and big hooks. The “Sparrows” video is available for streaming exclusively on No Echo’s website.

Dream Eraser: Vinyl and Digital Release

“Dream Eraser” will be available on 180-gram Black Vinyl and all digital platforms on June 9th through The Ghost Is Clear Records. Fans can preorder the album digitally on NO LIGHTS’ Bandcamp page, and both digital and vinyl preorders are available on the label’s Bandcamp and webshop.

On the Road: NO LIGHTS’ Regional Tours

NO LIGHTS is hitting the road in support of “Dream Eraser,” with multiple regional tours planned. Fresh off a three-city tour of the Northwest, the band will embark on a Southern tour from May 25th through 28th, with stops in Denton, Oklahoma City, Houston, and Austin

, where they’ll be joined by Mall Walker.

Upcoming NO LIGHTS Tour Dates:

No Lights, Dream Eraser, Sparrows, Indie Rock, Post-Punk, Bay Area, Music Video, Debut Lp, The Ghost Is Clear Records, No Echo,
No Lights Unveils Enigmatic "Sparrows" Video: A Glimpse Into The Upcoming Dream Eraser Album 4
  • 5/25/2023: Rubber Gloves – Denton, TX w/ Mall Walker, Flowerbed, Unspell
  • 5/26/2023: Mass Movement – Oklahoma City, OK w/ Mall Walker, Speak, Memory, Plain Speak
  • 5/27/2023: Starseed Hostel – Houston, TX w/ Mall Walker, As We Shiver, Fun Haunts
  • 5/28/2023: Chess Club – Austin, TX w/ Mall Walker, Capture Phase, Tied Up

Stay tuned for additional tour dates and exciting news as the album release approaches.

A Final Word: The Allure of NO LIGHTS

NO LIGHTS’ music is a captivating exploration of sound and emotion, drawing listeners into a world that is both familiar and enigmatic. With “Dream Eraser,” the band has crafted an album that will resonate with post-punk, indie rock fans, and beyond. Whether through the haunting melodies of “Sparrows” or the atmospheric soundscapes of the album as a whole, NO LIGHTS invites listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery and reflection.

As “Dream Eraser” nears its release, the anticipation is palpable. NO LIGHTS has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the indie music scene, and their debut LP is a testament to their creativity, talent, and dedication to their craft. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to their music, “Dream Eraser” is an album that deserves a place in your collection.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience NO LIGHTS’ unique sound and powerful performances live on tour. Join them as they celebrate the release of “Dream Eraser” and share their passion for music with nationwide audiences.

Watch NO LIGHTS’ “Sparrows” video first at No Echo RIGHT HERE. Find digital preorders for “Dream Eraser” at the NO LIGHTS Bandcamp HERE, and digital/vinyl preorders at the label Bandcamp HERE and webshop HERE.


NO LIGHTS is an indie rock band based in San Francisco, California. Known for their unique fusion of post-punk and indie pop, the band has garnered attention for their emotive sound and thought-provoking lyrics. With members hailing from notable Bay Area bands such as Kowloon Walled City, Early Graves, and Set Your Goals, NO LIGHTS brings a wealth of experience and creativity to their music. “Dream Eraser” marks the band’s debut full-length album, following the release of their double EPs “Stay Awake” and “June Bug.”


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