Rave for your life! Combichrist Announces “Old School Electronic Set” U.S. Tour!

Feb 18, 2023

Posted By Tracy Fuller

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RAVE FOR YOUR LIFE United States Combichrist Fans!

Due to high fan demand. The super-influential electro-industrial icons Combichrist have recently revealed March/April 2023 tour dates for old-school electronic live sets! We here at Noise from the Pit can guarantee you’ll be dancing all night long until your body drops from exhaustion due to Combichrist’s infectious live old-school electronic sets! It all kicks off in Las Vegas,Nevada on Friday, March 10. And will be fully concluding in Detroit, Michigan on Tuesday, April 4th. Fellow industrial/electronic acts Grendel, iVardensphere, and Esoterik will serve as direct opening support for these special Combichrist old-school electronic set concerts. Hit up this https://linktr.ee/combichristofficial authentic Combichrist link for advanced tickets to these events featured on the official event tour flyer below.

Combichrist Old School Noise From The Pit
Rave For Your Life! Combichrist Announces "Old School Electronic Set" U.s. Tour! 2

Why You Still Need the Comibichrist ‘One Fire’ LP In Your Life!

Combichrist, a Norwegian act from the electro-industrial related “aggrotech” movement, is an iconic figure in the music industry. Founded by Andy LaPlegua in 2003, Combichrist has been a driving force in the industrial rock and metal genres. The band has released nine studio albums, as well as featured on over 100 compilations of various styles. Combichrist has also toured extensively throughout North America, Europe and Australia bringing their unique blend of aggressive electronic dance music to fans around the world.

The sound created by Combichrist combines elements of punk rock, industrial metal and EBM (electronic body music). Andy LaPlegua’s experience as a DJ in Norway played a major role in understanding what he wanted his style of music to be like.

The latest full length extravagant LP from Combichrist is 2019’s ‘One Fire’. Combichrist’s ‘One Fire’ album offers powerful tracks with a bit of dark humor With a combined mix of intense and powerful tracks and a sense of humor throughout, the album is sure to please fans old and new.

‘One Fire’ features 14 tracks that range from intense to lighthearted. From the upbeat “Lobotomy” to the more reflective “The Other Side”, the album offers something for a wide variety of industrial listeners. Fans will appreciate the unique blend of styles that are present in each song. Through its strong percussion, heavy synths and occasional distorted vocals, One Fire provides an electrifying listening experience that can also be enjoyed on the dance floor.

Combining traditional music with a modern twist, ‘One Fire’ is an Impressive offering from Andy LePlegua. As the Combichrist champion flawlessly combines traditional music elements with a modern twist. It features a unique blend of styles and influences that create an eclectic sound that is both captivating and memorable. The album has been receiving positive reviews from critics, praising its creative approach to making music.

Inside ‘One Fire’, LePlegua has crafted an impressive collection of songs that show off his wide range of musical influences. From rock to folk to hip-hop, each song on the album has something different and exciting to offer. While there are some elements reminiscent of traditional music, the overall feel is one of freshness and innovation. Combichrist’s ‘One Fire’ is sure to please fans of all genres. Whether you’re into pop, rock or something more experimental, there’s something here for you.


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