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South By Southwest has announced the addition of a Keynote Conversation, Opening Speaker, and new Keynote Speakers for the SXSW 2020 event.

Virginia Tech Fans Defy NCAA Ban, Chant METALLICA’s “Enter Sandman” at Game

Virginia Tech fans defy NCAA ban, chanting Metallica’s Enter Sandman at a neutral womens basketball game here recently.

Lil Pump’s Attempt at Metal Falls Flat

Lil Pump’s attempt at “Pump Rock x Heavy Metal” falls flat, missing the mark on combining rap and metal. Check it out for yourself.

Offspring, Simple Plan, Sum 41: Let the Bad Times Roll Summer Tour

Catch The Offspring, Simple Plan, and Sum 41 live on their “Let the Bad Times Roll Tour” this Summer at a venue near you!

Death to All Honors the Legacy of Chuck Schuldiner With Explosive Two Hour Tampa, Florida Set!

Long Live Chuck Schuldiner! Review by Chad Thomas Carsten Photos by Liam Himel As I stepped out of my photographer friend's vehicle and onto the bustling parking lot near downtown Tampa, Florida, I could immediately feel the positive heavy metal energy flowing...

Metallica Acquires Furnace Record Pressing Factory!

Metallica Awesomely Secure Controlling Stake in Furnace Record Pressing 1980's Thrash Metal masters Metallica has bought the Furnace Record Pressing factory in Alexandria, Virginia, according to a statement from shop founder and CEO Eric Astor. This acquisition...

Get Ready To mosh ‘n’ roll in the punk graveyard!

We indubitably know that readers/supporters of Noise from the Pit are big fans of the hardcore punk legends Misfits. And now classic Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein just announced USA 2023 tour dates for his band DOYLE. The tour begins Thursday, May 4th, in Brooklyn, New York, at Kingsland. And its bound to be fully concluding on Saturday, June 10th, at the Adelphia Music Hall in Marietta, Ohio. Salem’s Childe and Red Devil Vortex will be direct opening support on select dates. Hit up for tickets!

Official Doyle Biography & Press Kit via

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein Unleashes Evil Noise with “Abominator”

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, the poster child and originator of horror punk, has released a new evil noise upon an unsuspecting world with his first release, “Abominator,” by his eponymous band, Doyle. This sonically thick and lyrically evil slab of metal is a logical progression upon the genre of music he helped create and is not the sound of some punk guitarist gone metal but the roaring return of one of extreme metal’s original architects to his blood-splattered drawing board.

The Annihilator’s tone, sharp as a butcher’s knife in the wrong hands, cuts through on every tune like a sonic fingerprint, immediately recognizable to fans of the Misfits. On tunes like “Headhunter” and “Land of the Dead,” the riffs are relentless and remorseless, while “Dreamingdeadgirls” brings a blackened-blues swing, and “Love Like Murder” shows a healthy appreciation for all things Sabbath. “Blood Stains” moves from primal sludge to ripping off-time thrash with ease, making “Abominator” a cohesive and well-executed piece of work that takes the listener on a bloody journey to places that some fear to tread.

Doyle’s new project needed a singer with brass balls, cast-iron pipes, a suitably twisted mind, and a vocal delivery style that could switch seamlessly from raw-throated roars to rough-edged yet melodic, clean vocals. Enter Alabama’s Alex Story of Cancerslug, a Southern fiend whose sand-blasted scream opens the record. The evil doesn’t relent until the ending growl of “Hope Hell Is Warm,” the album’s defiant closer. Alex’s live performances can only be described as unforgettable, disturbing, and strangely addictive – a perfect complement to Doyle’s already mammoth stage presence.

As befits songs as musically dark as “Abominator,” the album’s lyrics are not for the faint of heart. Penned entirely by Story (probably in blood), they are entirely and uncompromisingly dark—absolutely zero attempts to balance evil with any good counterpoint throughout the record. Music fans looking for feel-good anthems had the best look elsewhere – those who enjoy strolling through the shadows will be greatly satisfied.

In conclusion, “Abominator” is a masterpiece of horror punk and an unapologetically evil album that will leave listeners feeling like they have been on a bloody journey through the darkest corners of the human psyche. With Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein’s signature Annihilator guitar and Alex Story’s unforgettable vocal performance, this album is a must-listen for any fan of the genre.

So how did this Jersey devil and crew wind up with a Dixie-bred howler? “

Doyle: After I had written all this music, I realized I had to get someone to sing this stuff- once I’m done recording guitars, all I can see is myself just playing that riff, ya know? That’s my thing, not lyrics and singing,” Doyle says, with typically blunt candor. “I’ve known Alex for a while, so I called him up, then sent him a bunch of the tunes. Two days later, he sent me back ‘Mark of the Beast’, just like it is on the record. I said, ‘That’s exactly what I want!’, and the rest is history. I only wrote the word ‘abominator’- all the rest of that stuff is Alex. He’s just crazy, man”. It’s a match made in hell. But no metal band would be complete without a complete animal behind the drum kit. Brandon “The Crusher” Pertzborn (of Black Flag) delivers all the aggression and insanity necessary (and then some) with his exquisite musicality and showmanship.

So what can fans expect at a Doyle show?

Doyle: “To get fucking pummeled, man. And then go home and ask themselves ‘What the fuck just happened to me?!?’, hahaha…” he replies with a laugh that, this time, no joke about it, actually sounds evil. Loud, aggressive, and technically proficient, Doyle and crew are set to show the world how true horror metal sounds today.

So crank up Abominator until your speakers blow, check out Doyle on tour, and let the beatings begin!”

Noise From The Pit,


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