Will Scarlet Johannson Take Flight in Hitchcock Birds Reboot?

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Dec 10, 2022

Posted By Tracy Fuller

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Alfred Hitchcock fans, we want to tell you about an exciting possibility we just read about at Giant Freakin’ Robot! They are allegedly remaking Alfred Hitchcock’s horror classic The Birds. Media site Giant Freakin’ Robot has reported that Scarlet Johansson is in negotiations to co-star in the upcoming remake. These reports couldn’t be confirmed by another source, but they’re reliable as they’ve been a long-time reliable outlet for movie news. There’s no indication of how Scarlett Johansson will portray the character, but we eagerly await more information.

In 1963, Hitchcock’s The Birds was released and starred Tippi Hedren as the glamorous and romantically motivated Melanie. After meeting a handsome man in a local pet store, Melanie bought two love birds – to surprise him in his hometown. But when she arrives in Bodega Bay, what she thinks will be an enjoyable evening turned into something completely unexpected. She and most of the people living in Bodega Bay face death – which is surely worse than being arrested.

The Birds is a horror/thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. In it, birds attack humans seemingly for no reason. While not quite as shocking to audiences now, this movie contained a surprising amount of gore and disturbing imagery. As with all of Hitchcock’s films, there were moments that would seem tame by today’s standards but nevertheless demanded the audience’s attention.

The Birds has been in the headlines as a reboot before but Naomi Watts’ refusal to sign on sent the project back to the drawing board. In 2014, Diederik Van Rooijen was tapped to helm the remake backed by producer Michael Bay.

Based on the limited information we have now, it may seem that Johannson would be cast as Melanie Andersen. It has been seen with many other horror films reboots, such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) and Hellraiser. A modern retelling of The Birds would be an excellent vehicle for a horror story about the devastation wrought by environmental disasters, nuclear waste, or any other natural disaster.

While this report on the new Alfred Hitchcock reboot of a movie is still in its early stages, we were unable to find out any details about the director or other cast members. Be sure to check back at here at Noise From The Pit for more information as it becomes available.


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