Why Butcher Babies’ Heidi Shepherd Says You’re Missing Out if You Only Jam to Metal

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Jul 26, 2023

Posted By Tracy Fuller

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When it comes to music, we often find ourselves locked into specific genres, unwilling to venture beyond the confines of our comfort zones. But the world of music is vast and diverse, offering a plethora of styles and sounds waiting to be explored. Heidi Shepherd, one of the vocalists of Butcher Babies, believes that limiting oneself to just one genre, even if it’s metal, can be a disservice. In this article, we’ll delve into the insights shared by Heidi Shepherd and explore the importance of embracing musical diversity.

The Musical Journey of Butcher Babies

Before we dive into the profound message shared by Heidi Shepherd, let’s take a moment to appreciate the journey of Butcher Babies. Formed in 2009, Butcher Babies is a metal band that has made waves in the music industry with their unique blend of aggressive metalcore and energetic performances. With powerful vocals, heavy riffs, and thought-provoking lyrics, they have garnered a dedicated fan base over the years.

Breaking the Boundaries of Musical Taste

Heidi Shepherd, along with her co-vocalist Carla Harvey, has been at the forefront of Butcher Babies’ success. In interviews and discussions, Heidi emphasizes the importance of being open-minded when it comes to music. According to her, sticking only to one genre means missing out on the beauty and richness that other genres have to offer. While metal may be her passion and the heart of Butcher Babies’ music, Heidi is an ardent advocate for exploring various musical styles.

Heidi Shepherd’s Perspective on Musical Diversity

In a recent interview with Anne Erickson of Audio Ink Radio, Butcher Babies vocalist Heidi Shepherd shared some profound insights about music and the significance of embracing diverse genres. Heidi, a passionate metal enthusiast herself, emphasized the importance of drawing inspiration from different musical styles and artists. She even praised pop artist Doja Cat, stating that she is “way more metal than most metalheads” she knows. This perspective challenges the common notion that one should be limited to a single genre, highlighting the value of exploring music beyond one’s comfort zone.

Appreciating Diverse Artistry

“I love Doja Cat. She’s way more metal than most metalheads I know. That girl is so cool. There’s so much respect to be given to all artistry. And I feel like sometimes we’re told, ‘Oh, you’re only supposed to like metal, you’re only supposed to like metal.’ But I feel like you’re really doing yourself a disservice if you only jam to metal all the time.”

Finding Inspiration in Different Genres

Heidi’s appreciation for diverse genres is not just a casual sentiment. She genuinely finds inspiration and motivation in exploring various musical realms. From the heaviest deathcore bands like Slaughter To Prevail to country artists like Lainey Wilson, Heidi demonstrates how different genres can coexist harmoniously in her musical taste.

“I can go from the heaviest deathcore — ’cause deathcore’s, like, my favorite [laughs] — I can go from the heaviest deathcore, like Slaughter To Prevail, you know, the heaviest stuff, to Lainey Wilson, who’s one of my favorite artists out right now. She’s dominating the country charts, and she’s just like us. I read something today that she tried out for American Idol seven times. She failed at The Voice. And then she went out there and she’s the biggest thing in country right now. I just love success stories like that, and I can find total inspiration in drive like that and to just keep knocking down doors. I find inspiration in that kind of stuff too.”

The Impact of Embracing Musical Diversity

Heidi’s openness to exploring diverse music is not limited to just her enjoyment; she also acknowledges how it impacts her growth as an artist. By exposing herself to different genres, she gathers a wide range of experiences and perspectives that fuel her creativity and enrich her musical expression.

Indeed, the key takeaway from Heidi’s words is that musicians, regardless of their preferred genre, can benefit immensely from venturing into unfamiliar musical territories. Embracing musical diversity opens doors to new ideas, unique influences, and unexpected collaborations, ultimately contributing to an artist’s evolution and depth.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

So, the next time you find yourself stuck in a musical bubble, take a cue from Butcher Babies’ Heidi Shepherd and step outside your comfort zone. Explore genres beyond your usual preferences, listen to what resonates with you, and let the beauty of diverse music inspire your artistic journey.


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