The 69 Eyes Talks Gothic Rock & Rock ‘n’ Roll Roots

The 69 Eyes,

Jul 27, 2023

Posted By Chad Carsten

Chad Thomas Carsten is a Music lover that wants to do nothing, but travel the world and interview his favorite musicians., He has Published numerous music articles/band interviews that includes content for the Billings Gazette, Detroit Metro Times, Underground Nation Magazine, Faygoluvers.net, Vandala Magazine, and Noise From The Pit.

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Jyrkie, the talented musician from the iconic band The 69 Eyes. Yorkie takes us on a journey through the world of Gothic rock, sharing his unique perspective on the genre and its enticing blend of dangerous romance and nighttime allure. From his early inspirations of Elvis Presley and the Doors to his undying passion for American pop culture, Yorkie sheds light on the driving force behind his rock ‘n’ roll dreams. Join us as we delve into the band’s latest album, “Death of Darkness,” and discover the personal stories behind the tracks that continue to captivate audiences. Plus, Yorkie reveals his excitement for an upcoming duet with the incredible Kat Von D and his hopes for the band’s musical future in the next five to ten years. Don’t miss this candid conversation with one of rock’s most enigmatic figures! #The69Eyes #GothicRock #RockNRollRoots


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