Testament Re-signs to Nuclear Blast, Puts Old Material Back on Streaming

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Jun 25, 2023

Posted By Tracy Fuller

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Testament, Re-Signs, Nuclear Blast,
Testament Re-Signs To Nuclear Blast, Puts Old Material Back On Streaming 3

Testament, the legendary American thrash metal band, has recently announced their re-signing to Nuclear Blast, one of the leading record labels in the metal industry. This exciting development marks a continuation of their long-standing partnership and brings with it the availability of Testament’s old material on various streaming platforms.

Testament’s Return to Nuclear Blast

In a move that has delighted fans worldwide, Testament has decided to extend their contract with Nuclear Blast, solidifying their already strong relationship. Testament, formed in 1983, has consistently been a prominent force in the thrash metal genre, and their partnership with Nuclear Blast has played a crucial role in their success.

“After a long history of making music and Testament teaming up with Nuclear Blast in 2008 with The Formation of Damnation to the current release Titans of Creation, we have taken it to the next level and have reclaimed our 6 albums from Atlantic Records and have delivered them to Nuclear Blast to be re-released,” said Testament vocalist Chuck Billy. “Along with the Atlantic catalog, Testament will sign a new 3-album deal with NB worldwide. We are so grateful to be with the Best Heavy Metal label in the world that will spread Testament’s Legacy.”

“We signed with NB back in 2008 and it’d been a perfect fit for us ever since then,” said Testament guitarist Eric Peterson. “Incidentally, our older catalog with Atlantic Records – The Legacy, The New Order, Practice What You Preach, Souls of Black, The Ritual, and Low – have returned to us and we feel it’s a great new start to have NB Release these albums again with some new unreleased artwork, photos, etc. Also, we will be signing a new three-album deal with them! So the future for Metal is looking very, very bright! Cheers!”

“One of my favorite guitars as a kid was my dark red Ibanez Saber (540S) with the wizard neck,” said Tommy Jones, Nuclear Blast U.S. Label Manager. “I purchased that guitar to sound like Alex Skolnick, who played that model and color back in the day. So all these years later, to be signing those OG, genre-defining Testament albums that were such an early influence like The New Order, Practice What You Preach, and Souls of Black, as well as new Testament albums to Nuclear Blast, is completing a full circle for me. Truly an ‘If the 15-year-old me could see this’ type of moment. It’s time to continue ‘The Legacy’ with Nuclear Blast!”

Unleashing the Archives: Testament’s Old Material Now Available for Streaming

Testament, Re-Signs, Nuclear Blast,
Testament Re-Signs To Nuclear Blast, Puts Old Material Back On Streaming 4

One of the most significant aspects of Testament’s renewed collaboration with Nuclear Blast is reintroducing their old material to streaming platforms. Fans will now have the opportunity to revisit and rediscover the band’s extensive discography, which spans over four decades of influential thrash metal.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Testament’s Early Years

By making their earlier albums available on streaming platforms, Testament takes fans on a captivating journey through the band’s formative years. From their groundbreaking debut album, “The Legacy” (1987), to the critically acclaimed “The New Order” (1988) and “Practice What You Preach” (1989), listeners can now experience the evolution of Testament’s sound and witness the birth of thrash metal classics.

Rediscovering Hidden Gems: Testament’s Lesser-Known Releases

In addition to their widely recognized albums, Testament’s re-emergence on streaming platforms brings attention to some lesser-known but equally compelling releases. Gems such as “The Ritual” (1992), “Low” (1994), and “The Gathering” (1999) offer a glimpse into the band’s artistic versatility and growth, showcasing a more mature sound while staying true to their thrash metal roots.

The Thrash Metal Titans: Testament’s Recent Albums

While revisiting Testament’s older material is undoubtedly thrilling, their collaboration with Nuclear Blast also includes their more recent releases. Albums like “The Formation of Damnation” (2008), “Dark Roots of Earth” (2012), and “Brotherhood of the Snake” (2016) have earned critical acclaim and further solidified Testament’s status as one of the genre’s titans.

Testament’s Enduring Legacy

Testament’s decision to re-sign with Nuclear Blast and make their entire discography available for streaming is a testament to their enduring legacy in the metal world. With their blistering riffs, intense lyrics, and unwavering passion, Testament has influenced countless bands and inspired generations of metalheads.

Influencing the Metal Landscape

Testament has left an indelible mark on the metal landscape throughout their career. Their signature sound, characterized by a combination of aggressive guitar work, powerful vocals, and thought-provoking lyrics, has inspired numerous bands that followed in their footsteps. The impact of Testament’s music can be heard in the work of modern thrash metal acts, paying homage to the band’s contribution to the genre.

A Live Experience like No Other

Testament’s music resonates through studio recordings and thrives in the live arena. Known for their energetic and electrifying performances, Testament continues to captivate audiences worldwide with their relentless stage presence. Whether headlining major festivals or embarking on their tours, the band’s live shows are a testament to their unwavering dedication and passion for their craft.

The Future of Testament

Testament shows no signs of slowing down with their renewed partnership with Nuclear Blast and re-releasing their old material on streaming platforms. Fans can eagerly anticipate new music and future projects from the band as they continue to push boundaries and cement their position as one of the most influential forces in thrash metal.

In conclusion, Testament’s re-signing to Nuclear Blast and the subsequent availability of their old material on streaming platforms is thrilling for both the band and their fans. It allows a new generation of listeners to discover their influential discography while allowing longtime supporters to relive the band’s iconic moments. Testament’s enduring legacy and dedication to their craft ensure their place in the metal pantheon remains unshakable.


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