Sum 41 Disbands After 27 Years of Pop Punk Madness!

May 8, 2023

Posted By Chad Carsten

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After 27 Years. Sum 41 Has Sadly Disbanded!

“Thank You For the last 27 Years of Sum 41”- Sum 41

We here at Noise From the Pit are saddened to hear that another band from our early youth calling it quits. Beginning as a band sometime in the year 1996. Sum 41, the influential Ontario-based pop-punk masters, announced today via Instagram, that they are breaking up after a long successful 27-year career. Sum 41, who rose to fame with their rap-infused modern rock hit single “Fat Lip” (from their platinum selling ‘All Killer No Filler’ LP) in 2001, shared a heartfelt message announcing their sudden decision. Sum 41 will tour one last time as a worldwide headlining tour in honor of what the band has said will be their final album, the forthcoming highly anticipated double LP, ‘Heaven :x: Hell’! Before Sum 41 fully disbands for good. The official release date for Sum 41’s double album ‘Heaven :x: Hell’ still hasn’t been revealed. But is due to be released sometime in 2023. The final Sum 41 worldwide tour dates are to be announced soon too. We wish all of Sum 41 (past and present members) nothing but the best in their future endeavors.

Here’s Sum 41’s full disbanding message:

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Being in Sum 41 since 1996 brought us some of the best moments of our lives. We are forever grateful to our fans both old and new, who have supported us in every way. It is hard to articulate the love and respect we have for all of you and we wanted you to hear this from us first.

Sum 41 will be disbanding. We will still be finishing all of our upcoming tour dates this year, and we’re looking forward to releasing our final album “Heaven :x: Hell,” along with a final worldwide headlining tour to celebrate. Details will be announced as soon as we have them.

For now, we look forward to seeing all you skumfuks on the road and are excited for whatever the future will bring for each of us.

Thank you for the last 27 years of Sum 41.

Sum 41: Canadian Punk Rockers Who Took the World By Storm

Sum 41, a punk-rock band hailing from Ajax, Ontario, have been rocking the world since 1996. Originating from their hometown, the group of four quickly gained worldwide recognition for their unique mix of arena-sized riffs and hip-hop poses. With infectious hits like “Fat Lip”, “In Too Deep” and “Still Waiting”, Sum 41 quickly established themselves as one of the pioneers in the genre.

Originally, the group comprises of four members: lead vocalist and guitarist Deryck Whibley, lead guitarist Dave Baksh, bass guitarist Jason McCaslin and drummer Steven Jocz. Since their emergence in 1996, Sum 41 has gone on to release seven studio albums with their eighth album ‘Heaven :x: Hell’, on the horizon. Their career has been marked by hit alternative rock singles such as “Fat Lip” from their debut album All Killer No Filler (2001) which earned them their first Juno Award for Best Rock Album. As well as hit songs such as “Still Waiting” (2002), “We’re All To Blame” (2004),”Underclass Hero” (2007), and “Out For Blood” (2019).

Why You Need The “Order In Decline” LP In Your Life!

Sum 41 has come a long way since their snotty, smart-aleck pop-punk days in the late 1990s. With their latest album “Order in Decline,” they have wisely ditched that sound and ventured into darker territories. The seventh studio album is an impressive display of Sum 41’s evolution as a band.

The opening track “Turning Away” sets the tone for the album with its heavy guitar riffs and politically charged lyrics. It’s clear that the band is using their music to express their frustrations with the current state of affairs. Tracks like “45 (A Matter of Time)” and “Out for Blood” continue this theme with lyrics about government corruption and societal decay.

Even though Sum 41 has moved away from their pop-punk origins, they haven’t lost their ability to write catchy hooks and infectious melodies.

Current Sum 41 Lineup

Deryck Whibley – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1997–present), keyboards (2004–present), lead guitar (1996–1997, studio 2006–2007),[270] backing vocals (1996–1997), occasional drums (1997–2015)
Dave Baksh – lead guitar, backing vocals (1997–2006; 2015–present)
Jason McCaslin – bass, backing vocals (1999–present)    
Tom Thacker – rhythm and lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals (2007–present)
Frank Zummo – drums, percussion, occasional backing vocals (2015–present)

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