Resident Evil fans, get ready for a new adventure! The Resident Evil 4 remake and PlayStation VR2 port of Resident Evil Village aren’t the only pieces of Resident Evil media slated for this year. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment just announced Resident Evil: Death Island, a new CG film releasing sometime in summer 2023.

This film is set to bring together two of the most popular RE protagonists, Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield, on a mission to Alcatraz Island. The film is directed by Eiichirō Hasumi of Assassin Classroom: Graduation and written by Makoto Fukami of Psycho-Pass. It also serves as a sequel to the 2017 film Vendetta.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what we can expect from Resident Evil: Death Island, including the story, characters, and creative minds behind the film.

The Plot: A Mission to Alcatraz Island

The RE franchise has a long history of thrilling storylines, and Resident Evil: Death Island promises to be no different. In the film, Leon Kennedy is on a mission to rescue Dr. Antonio Taylor while Chris Redfield investigates an outbreak in San Francisco. This leads them to Alcatraz Island, the location of the film’s title, where they will face their greatest challenge.

The teaser for the film also hints at the return of Jill Valentine, a fan-favorite character from the series.  Death Island is shaping to be an exciting addition to the franchise with the promise of action, suspense, and the return of familiar faces.

The Creatives Behind the Film

Resident Evil: Death Island is directed by Eiichirō Hasumi, best known for his work on the popular film Assassin Classroom: Graduation. With his experience in creating high-stakes, action-packed stories, Hasumi is the perfect fit for the world of Resident Evil.

The film is also written by Makoto Fukami, the writer behind the critically acclaimed anime series, Psycho-Pass. With his expertise in crafting complex and thought-provoking narratives, Fukami will surely bring a unique perspective to the RE  universe.

The Characters: Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield

Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield are two of the most recognizable characters in the RE franchise. In Resident Evil: Death Island, they will be teaming up for the first time in a film.

Leon Kennedy, played by the talented actor, is known for his bravery and determination. He has been a fan-favorite since his introduction to RE 2. On the other hand, Chris Redfield is a former member of the elite task force, S.T.A.R.S. He is a skilled fighter and has been a staple of the RE franchise since the beginning.

Together, Leon and Chris will face their greatest challenge in Resident Evil: Death Island.

The saga continues with #ResidentEvil: Death Island, a new CG animated movie coming Summer of 2023!