“Ragnarok puts God of War back on top of the PlayStation world!”

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Nov 23, 2022

Posted By Tracy Fuller

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It was not initially anticipated that Sony’s God of War Ragnarok would be such a big hit for PlayStation to close out 2022. It has been around for years, and the game continues to attract all sorts of new players. The Last of Us, Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, and Gran Turismo are just a few of the many big franchises birthed from PlayStation. But while all of these franchises may be big in their own right, none of them have ever had a game sell as widely at launch as God of War Ragnarok.

PlayStation announced on social media that today has become the most successful game in the video game company’s history. In the first week alone, Ragnarok, the latest installment in the God of War series, sold five million copies globally.

God of War Ragnarok Playstation Launch Has Made It The Most Successful Game

As to the debut of the God of War series, other than that, PlayStation revealed that the launch of Ragnarok has been the fastest and most prosperous game ever to be published by PlayStation. In short, it has broken all records for Sony and the studio behind the Ragnarok game.

At some point,Though it might appear strange to see to see just how well God of War Ragnarok has done. The fact is that the game had one thing in its favor over the other PlayStation releases. In particular, Ragnarok released across both PS4 and PS5, which means that the game naturally had more users who could purchase the game.

In general, Sony has been promoting a large number of exclusives on multiple platforms over the past decade, a circumstance which has somewhat limited their ability to sell their programs on a larger scale. And while this is something that is not the sole determinant of how Ragnarok has reached such success, it’s certainly an important contributor to its tremendous revenue growth.


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