Pantera Play ‘Floods’ At First 2024 Show – Setlist + Video

Feb 4, 2024

Posted By Tracy Fuller

Pantera fans, rejoice! The legendary metal band made a triumphant return during their first show of 2024, and they brought back a fan-favorite song that hadn’t been played since 2001. Yes, you heard it right. Pantera performed “Floods” for the first time in over two decades, much to the delight of the audience. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of the show, the setlist, and even provide some video footage for you to relive the experience.

Pantera’s 2024 Tour Opener

The electrifying performance took place on February 3rd in Sunrise, Florida, marking the beginning of Pantera’s highly anticipated 2024 tour. The band kicked off the night with a bang, opening the show with “A New Level” from their iconic album, Vulgar Display of Power. From there, they took the audience on a wild ride through their discography, delivering a powerful set that reminded everyone why Pantera is considered one of the greatest metal bands of all time.

The Setlist

Pantera treated their fans to a 13-track setlist that spanned their illustrious career. After the explosive opener, they unleashed a series of hits, including “Mouth for War,” “Strength Beyond Strength,” and “Becoming.” The crowd erupted with energy as the band played their classic anthems, such as “I’m Broken,” “5 Minutes Alone,” and “Walk.” But the highlight of the night was undoubtedly the long-awaited performance of “Floods” from their album, The Great Southern Trendkill. It was a moment of pure nostalgia and reverence for the late Dimebag Darrell, whose exceptional guitar solo on the song has become legendary.

The Video Footage

For those who couldn’t attend the concert, fear not. Pantera shared a video from the performance on their Instagram, allowing fans to catch a glimpse of the electrifying atmosphere and witness the magic of “Floods” being played live once again. Additionally, some passionate fans captured their own footage, giving us multiple perspectives of the unforgettable night. We’ve compiled the band’s official video and some fan-filmed clips below for you to enjoy:

– [Official Pantera Video]



The Tour

This show was just the beginning of Pantera’s 2024 tour, which will see them performing in 14 cities across North America throughout the month of February. They have teamed up with the powerhouse band Lamb of God as their opening act, promising a night of pure metal mayhem for fans lucky enough to attend. The tour will conclude in Quebec City on February 27th, before the band heads to Australia for a series of Knotfest shows in the following month.

Celebrating Pantera’s Legacy

The 2024 tour holds special significance for Pantera and their fans. It serves as a celebration of the band’s legacy, paying tribute to the late Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul. The tour was announced in the summer of 2022, with the exciting news that Zakk Wylde and Charlie Benante from Anthrax would be joining Philip Anselmo and Rex Brown onstage. The shows in December of that year marked the beginning of this extraordinary journey, and now, with “Floods” making its long-awaited return, the tour has reached new heights of excitement and emotion.

Pantera Setlist – February 3, 2024 (Sunrise, Florida)

Here is the complete setlist from Pantera’s tour opener:

1. “A New Level”

2. “Mouth for War”

3. “Strength Beyond Strength”

4. “Becoming”

5. “I’m Broken”

6. “Suicide Note Pt. II”

7. “5 Minutes Alone”

8. “This Love”

9. “Floods”

10. “Walk”

11. “Domination / Hollow”

12. “Cowboys From Hell”


13. “Fucking Hostile”


1. **Will Pantera be performing “Floods” in future shows on their 2024 tour?**

   – While we can’t say for certain, the inclusion of “Floods” in the setlist for the tour opener suggests that there’s a good chance they will continue to perform it throughout the tour. Be sure to catch one of their upcoming shows to experience this iconic song live!

2. **Are there any special guests joining Pantera on their 2024 tour?**

   – Yes, Pantera has enlisted the talents of Zakk Wylde and Charlie Benante from Anthrax to join them on stage for this celebratory tour. With these incredible musicians by their side, the shows promise to be unforgettable.

3. **Will Pantera be touring outside of North America in 2024?**

   – After their North American tour dates, Pantera will be heading to Australia for a series of Knotfest shows. So, if you’re located Down Under, you’ll have the opportunity to catch them live as well!


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