Obituary Release “DYING OF EVERYTHING” Title Track Single!

Dec 1, 2022

Posted By Tracy Fuller

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Get ready to mosh ‘n’ roll in the swamps of Florida! Because the legendary Tampa Bay Death Metal band Obituary just released their “DYING OF EVERYTHING” LP title track! “DYING OF EVERYTHING” is due out on Relapse Records on Friday, January 13,, 2023. You can preorder hard copies through this authentic link here: https://tinyurl.com/3vjdftu9

The band has revealed that one of their latest singles features a different musical style not frequently found in the genre they typically play. “We picked the title track for the second single to give fans a taste of something a bit different than that typical Obituary style,” the band said, “and we are excited to showcase Ken’s writing ability. When he and Donald put their heads together and feel it out, it just adds some extra flavor and spice to ‘Dying Of Everything’ and can’t wait for fans to hear it!”

“We’ve definitely been working on new tunes,” vocalist John Tardy said in an interview last year. “We didn’t feel like releasing an album now in the middle of the pandemic, when you can’t go on tour to support it. So we’re taking our time.” The band will release a new album next year before hitting the road for their first tour since the new album was announced.

“I think it’s just gonna sound like Obituary”. That’s what Tardy said when asked about the forthcoming LP. “We’re kinda primitive guys, we don’t really want to evolve too much.” The band is open to changing things up and adding a little here and there, but “I think we’re getting too old now to change too much”, says Tardy (Blabbermouth).

Dying of Everything track listing:

  1. Barely Alive
  2. The Wrong Time
  3. Without A Conscience
  4. War
  5. Dying Of Everything
  6. My Will To Live
  7. By the Dawn
  8. Weaponize The Hate
  9. Torn Apart
  10. Be Warned


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