LORNA SHORE – Pain Remains I: Dancing Like Flames (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Taken from the Album “Pain Remains”, Out October 14th, 2022 https://lornashore.lnk.to/PainRemainsID

Song Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome Studios

Director, Cinematography, Post-Production David Brodsky for MyGoodEye : Music Visuals

Producer, Cinematography, Editor Allison Woest for MyGoodEye : Music Visuals

Lighting Director Adam Pernick

Assistant Director Robb Brown

Grip/Electric Lindsey Fehr

Led Wall Tech, Add’l Lighting Matt Kester Justin Goreschak Kyle Johnson

Screenplay Written by Adam De Micco

Starring Peter Welch Laura Newman

with Robert Durgin Elle Lovell

Production Assistants Zach Jabine Sean Santiago Giovani Shirley Denny Tats Chris Lloyd Robert Fell Joseph Tocco

Location Manager Josh Balz Chris Merrillo Rob Hunt

► Lyrics ◄

Captivate me Become my escape I can’t look away You were my everything

If the past is just dust Then the future could be our dream If all we have is now; this eternity Ignite my satisfaction Engulf me

We’re dancing like flames flickering in the night We sway in time with the wind before melting away You’re far from my reach but not far out of sight You know the way to my heart but you just play the strings again

Flicker like shadows dancing beyond the flame Captivate, hypnotized By the fire in her eyes You took me by surprise And then you disappeared in the blink of an eye

Pull me into the pyre Engulf me in flames Captivate me Eidolon Gravity Magnetic Pull me toward my ecstasy

Flicker like shadows dancing beyond the flames Enchanting, mesmerized Take what is left of my life A wrinkle in time Where do you go

A wrinkle in time Take what is left of my life Before you go show me what it‘s like to finally know The face behind the silhouette in this world I made to be infinite But within the expanse – I finally see A world without you isn’t meant for me

Where do you go when I close my eyes What do you see looking back at me Am I just a ghost just like you caught between the seams of two intertwining melodies

— #lornashore #painremains