Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana Rocks Dos Equis Pavilion in Dallas, TX

May 13, 2023

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An Unforgettable Night of Musical Mastery and Soulful Rhythms

Santanacoverphoto Noise From The Pit
Legendary Guitarist Carlos Santana Rocks Dos Equis Pavilion In Dallas, Tx 22

On a warm, rainy night in Dallas, there were concerns weather might affect the success of this show. However, thousands came out for this show that was three years in the making. After several reschedules starting because of the pandemic, legendary guitarist Carlos Santana was finally back in town. Looking across the crowd, I saw fans of all generations gathered together for a night of rock and roll.

Austin-based Arc Angels kicked off the night with a bang

Santana, Dos Equis Pavilion, Dallas, Classic Rock, Orianthi, Arc Angels
Legendary Guitarist Carlos Santana Rocks Dos Equis Pavilion In Dallas, Tx 23

The night began at dusk with Arc Angels, consisting of Doyle Bramhall II and Charlie Sexton on guitar and vocals, Eric Holden on bass, and Chris Layton on drums. These Texas boys offered a deep, rich blues sound that fits in with the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn and ZZ Top. They set the mood for an energetic night filled with good music and good times.

Carlos Santana and his band hit the stage yet for an epic set featuring loads of favorites and some special guests.

His band consists Andy Vargas and Ray Greene on vocals, Tommy Anthony on guitar and vocals, Benny Rietveld on bass, David K Mathews on keyboards, Karl Perazzo and Paoli Mejías on percussion, and Cindy Blackman Santana on drums. Their performance was flawless, and they operate as a well oiled machine.

The air filled with the sounds of drums as the show started along with videos of tribesmen in dance. Then, the majestic sounds of the guitar resonated as the man himself, looking fantastic for a man of 75, came out and began to pla. Chewing his gum as he has for as long as I can remember, he played through the songs that have traveled the ages with him and made it look as easy as ever.

From his original songs like The Game of Love, Corazon Espinado, and Smooth to well-loved covers like Evil Ways, Oye Como Va, Ain’t No Sunshine, and Venus, it was evident Mr. Santana and his friends rocked the night away and had fun doing it. The crowd was packed, with many vibing to the sounds of his guitar, enjoying that magical moment in the crowd of a concert.

Australian guitar magnate Orianthi joined the stage to rock with Santana and friends for a few songs

Best known as the lead guitarist on Michael Jackson’s “This Is It,” tour, Orianthi is a bit of a legend herself. She joined Santana for a few songs, and the sounds were so rich and harmonious, it was a wonderful experience to have for sure. She’s a beautiful genius with a guitar, and I encourage any guitar enthusiast to look into her music and catch her live if you get a chance.

Santana, Dos Equis Pavilion, Dallas, Classic Rock, Orianthi, Arc Angels
Legendary Guitarist Carlos Santana Rocks Dos Equis Pavilion In Dallas, Tx 24

I want to close out the review in his own words: “Celebrate your life and your divinity.”

Set List:

  • Soul Sacrifice
  • Jin-go-lo-ba (Babatunde Olatunji cover)
  • Evil Ways (Willie Bobo cover)
  • Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen
  • Oye cómo va (Tito Puente cover)
  • Europa (Earth’s Cry, Heaven’s Smile)
  • Everybody’s Everything
  • Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers cover)
  • Venus (Shocking Blue cover)
  • The Game of Love
  • Hope You’re Feeling Better (with Orianthi)
  • Put Your Lights On (with Orianthi)
  • Corazón espinado (with Orianthi)
  • Maria Maria (with Orianthi)
  • Foo Foo
  • Are You Ready (The Chambers Brothers cover) (with extended drum solo)
  • Roadhouse Blues (The Doors cover)
  • Smooth

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