Kung Fu Vampire Interview

Jun 11, 2016

Posted By Tracy Fuller

I am a music enthusiast with a deep love for the energy of crowded venues, loud music, & passionate fans. I have a diverse background that includes private security, talent buying, festival security planning, & media relations. I've also worked as a camera operator for various projects, including music videos featuring notable artists like Bernz, Tech N9ne, & Krizz Kaliko. Additionally, I am a camera operator for Full Moon Features, where I contribute to the production of horror movies.
  • Kung Fu Vampire, a hip-hop alternative band, discusses their style, which includes elements of death metal, salsa, polka, drum and bass, techno, and country. They aim for a live sound that is tight and precise, rather than the “sloppy” live sound often associated with hip-hop.
  • The band’s influences include The Pharcyde, Digital Underground, Ice Cube, and others. They also appreciate metal bands like Megadeth, Testament, and Pantera, as well as 80s new wave and bands like The Cars.
  • Kung Fu Vampire performed at the Gathering of the Juggalos in 2010 and received support from friends in the music industry. They have considered starting their own record label but ultimately decided against it to focus on making music.
  • The band’s music often explores dark themes but believes in balance and authenticity. They reject the idea of always being dark or always being happy and aim to create organic music that reflects a range of emotions.
  • Kung Fu Vampire is currently on tour and has plans for a second part of the tour starting in September. The band’s frontman has also written books, which he describes as “subconscious nonfiction,” based on dreams and nightmares.


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