How ROCK ON THE RANGE Emerged From The Ashes InTo Sonic Temple

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How Rock On The Range Emerged From The Ashes To Sonic Temple 3

Rock on the Range announced in 2018 that they would rebrand as Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival. But would the festival be the same? Would the lineup still feature the same Rock and heavy metal acts that had made the festival so popular over the years?

Sonic Temple has emerged from the ashes of Rock on the Range to become an even better festival as time has passed.

Let’s look back at Rock on the Range‘s history. The festival was first held in 2007 and quickly became a premier destination for Rock and heavy metal fans. With an impressive lineup of acts that included some of the biggest names in the genre, the festival quickly gained a dedicated following.

Over the years, Rock on the Range consistently delivered a fantastic experience for music lovers. Fans were treated to unforgettable performances and a myriad of up-and-coming bands.

Rock on the Range was one of America’s most iconic music festivals. Every year, fans flock to Ohio. To listen to some of the most renowned musical performers in the world. Over the years, notable acts such as Metallica, Korn, and Avenged Sevenfold have taken the stage in front of mass audiences providing an unforgettable rock experience. Additionally, Rock on the Range invites many talented up-and-coming artists, which provides a fantastic opportunity for these lesser-known musicians to gain recognition from die-hard concertgoers. With its array of different artists, Rock on the Range offers something for everyone when it comes time for its annual event.

But even as the festival expanded its lineup beyond just rock and heavy metal acts. The festival had its reputation, and the organizers wanted to do more. They wanted to expand the festival’s reach and make it accessible to a broader range of music fans. And so, in 2018, they announced that Rock on the Range would be rebranded as Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival.

Rock On The Range, Sonic Temple, Festival, Music,
How Rock On The Range Emerged From The Ashes To Sonic Temple 4

How the Addition of a New Stage and Increased Attractions Helped to Make Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival a Success

The first edition under the new name was held in 2019. It was immediately apparent that the rebranding was a wise move. The festival had transformed into something entirely new, featuring acts from across the rock and metal spectrum and electronic, alternative, and hip-hop. The festival offered art installations and cultural experiences along with music performances. The fans had more variety to choose from, making it more exciting and diverse than ever before.

But perhaps most importantly, the rebranding allowed the festival to evolve in a way it might not have been able to do otherwise. As a result, the festival has become a destination for fans of all kinds of music, embracing a more comprehensive range of music styles and cultural experiences.

The festival had become a Columbus staple and a beacon of the area’s vibrant music and art scenes. Many fans and even outsiders did not know what the festival’s future would be after the rebranding. Now, with the success that it has achieved, we can say for sure that the festival is here to stay and will continue to bring Columbus culture to life.

The rebranding to Sonic Temple has allowed it to become so much more. As a result, the festival has evolved in ways we could never have predicted, and it’s now a must-see event for music fans of all stripes. It helps generate revenue for the whole city, including local businesses and charities.

Sonic Temple had its first year before them, and they came out strong. The lineup included such legends as System Of A Down, Foo Fighters, Bring Me The Horizon, and Disturbed. There were also some tremendous up-and-coming acts, like Poppy and Architects. Sonic Temple has continued to up the ante with each subsequent year. That year’s lineup is impressive in its own right.

Covid 19 Shuts Down The Music Festival Industry

The Covid 19 pandemic drastically impacted the global music industry in 2020, causing substantial cancellations of live concerts, pushing back album releases, and decimating profits within the industry. Singers, songwriters, producers, publishers, vendors, and all the backstage workers were hit particularly hard by the shutdown of festivals and world tours.

Of course, this meant Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival was shut down due to government regulations. Since the festival was first held in 2019, the four-day festival has sold out crowds. It has quickly grown into one of the most anticipated festivals each year, with a lineup featuring many of the biggest names in rock and metal.

Will Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival Come back?

This question was on everyone’s mind in the middle of the pandemic. Everyone was looking for an outlet; for many of us, it was music. As time passed, we started seeing concerts pop up here and there. This gave us a glimmer of hope to be in front of a stage again.

Just as we thought we were getting back to normal, concerts were getting shut down due to new “variants.” Regardless of things, music prevailed. Even here in Austin, the music went underground. People continued to rock on, and restrictions began to loosen up. Before we knew it, we started getting announcements of festivals coming out. Some of them were even from Danny Wimmer Presents. All of us, Sonic Temple heads, were beginning to have hope again. Needless to say, at the time, the safety measure factor was still in play.

What the Future Holds for Sonic Temple at Historic Crew Stadium

Talk about an iconic music experience in Columbus, Ohio. It has brought incredible memories and life-changing experiences to patrons since its debut in 2019. Sonic Temple carries on the long-standing tradition of providing top-notch entertainment, delicious food and drinks, memorabilia, activities, and concerts. The future of Sonic Temple looks bright as they continue with their mission of putting together a one-of-a-kind music experience that attendees will never forget. It offers something special for everyone. Sonic Temple truly celebrates having no boundaries or limits; in 2023, Sonic Temple promises to continue this electrifying journey for many years to come!

So Make Your Plans Now Because Memorial Day Weekend Comes Fast

The Historic Crew stadium is the perfect spot for you if you’re a music lover. With dozens of installations and dozens of bands, there’s something for everyone at Sonic Temple. The story of how this Rock on the Range evolved from the ashes into the Sonic Temple Art + Music festival amazes me. It shows that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. We are thrilled to see Danny Wimmer Presents return to the festival we have all missed so dearly.

So what are you waiting for if you’ve never been to Sonic Temple? Grab your tickets today!

You won’t regret it! Trust me – you’ll have a fantastic time and make incredible memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t forget to bring your friends along for fun! See you there!

Best of all, Sonic Temple has something for everyone – whether you want to experience the rock and alternative music scene or if you’re a fan of electronic dance music. With massive stages, an abundance of food trucks, and special activities like yoga classes. There’s something for everyone. Plus, with dozens of vendors, you can find unique souvenirs for yourself or friends.