Experience Twiztid’s Unforgettable Certified Psychos Tour at Trees Dallas

May 8, 2023

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Experience Twiztid's Unforgettable Certified Psychos Tour At Trees Dallas 23

Jamie Madrox of Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, and BigVin Dustin.

Tuesday night, Trees in Dallas was home to the triumphant return of Twiztid (sans an unfortunately ill Monoxide, who is recovering at home according to this reporters’ discussion with BigVin Dustin at the show) for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic, and the family definitely showed out in full force to welcome Majik Ninja Entertainment back to Dallas, despite issues with staff at the venue.

The night began with local favorite openers CHXXMPA and Sicnoizednice.

Performing solo songs as well as bringing the big homie Claas on stage to rock some supergroup SickGang jams, they definitely put their all onto the stage and we, the crowd, definitely felt the love they were putting out. They’re known as favorites around the Juggalo scene, and it was easy to see why at this show. Their energy was electric, and they definitely got the crowd super hyped and ready for the rest of the show.

LSP’s Snuff Bear, CLAAS, hit the stage next and gave his own spectacle of awesomeness and left the stage a mess in his wake.

CLAAS chose this day to reveal his latest accessory to his live show: a super realistic bear coat that makes him look like an actual bear on stage! Yes, it was incredibly hot as this reporter confirmed after his set in a discussion, but it really looks so cool and everyone should check it out! He did a lot of his favorites, even getting the crowd involved to sing the hook for UGAs “Simple Man,” which is one of my personal favorites to sing along to Demi Demaree’s hook. The big homie also brought CHXXMPA and SicnoizeDnice on stage to rock a couple of more SickGang songs, including donning his bear coat again to finish out the set with Fuckin’ Dope, giving my husband the inspiration to refer to him as the Cocaine On My Dick Bear, a reference to the recently popular “Cocaine Bear” movie based on a true story. CLAAS definitely left the stage with the crowd even more hyped than they were.

Claasbear Noise From The Pit
Experience Twiztid's Unforgettable Certified Psychos Tour At Trees Dallas 24

CON-CRETE hit the stage next to present us with his Washington state brand of “Horrorcrunk.”

Commonly known as the Dark Minister amongst his fans and the scene, he definitely drew a crowd with his dark stype and smooth flows. He dominated the stage with his presence and painted face and left people stunned. Regretfully, I did not get a pic worth sharing of CON-CRETE, for which I apologize. Next time!

Next to the stage were Dirty Bars, local favorites, brothers Dro and Rey.

The Dodos, as they affectionately call themselves and their fans, brought their sick beats and even more sick flows to the ear holes of everyone in attendance, while showering us all with their love. Watching them, you can see the passion they feel for their art, and you feel it coursing through your veins as you watch. As always happens, they engage the crowd in a chat of their tag line, “Dirty Bars, bitch, Dirty, Dirty Bars, bitch,” and the response they got from the crowd at this Twiztid show was more than I’ve ever seen before, and the first time I saw them was opening for Twiztid. Dirty Bars gets a lot of love, and they deserve it all.

Intrinzik & McNastee shared the stage next in a display of skill and passion.

Two artists with a long history of working together, they came together to share the stage and gave us an electrifying performance of many of their favorite songs. Combining upbeat sounds sometimes dark matter lyrics as they have for years, they got the crowd super hype and definitely left us ready for more. I had never seen Intrinzik live, and I can’t wait to do so again, now. Everyone should check out these guys any chance they get. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of their set, but plenty can be found online.

Andrew W. Boss and the Motherfucking Boss Crew hit the stage next.

Utah based rap/rock/metal blend band Andrew W. Boss and the Motherfucking Boss Crew, consisting of Andrew W. Boss (lead vocals), Adam Boss (hypeman), Flip Boss (guitar), Sir Bugaboo (bass), and Rob Whittle (drums) brought their signature combination of energy and talent to the stage and the crowd next. When three out of five members end up in the crowd at some point, it’s generally a good set. These guys were hanging out with the fans off stage as well and were all around great guys. It was a treat getting to see them do their thing, and if you get a chance to see them in your area, you definitely should.

Cody Manson melts faces and shows love in his adopted home town

LSP’s own Cody Manson hit the stage next and gave his all to the crowd of his personal brand of rap. The “Psychoactive” artist gave an electrifyhing performance, as always, and apparently this reporter was so entranced by his set, I didn’t get any pictures from his set. After his set, I spoke with Cody and got the following picture with him. In our conversation, he revealed someone along the way had been under the impression that Cody was a Texas native. Cody’s first trip to Texas was in 2019 for the Terror in Texas mini-tour with Scum and Claas, but he has definitely been embraced by the Snuff family in Texas, and we’ll claim him.

Meandcody Noise From The Pit
Experience Twiztid's Unforgettable Certified Psychos Tour At Trees Dallas 31

Boondox hit the stage next, leaving many fans super happy with his set choices.

Boondox was up next in his last minute addition to the tour, presumably to make up for the lack of Monoxide. Many fans who were already going got more excited as Boondox is definitely a fan favorite amongst DFW Juggalos. Notable songs he performed are Scarecrow, Red Mist, Pray with Snakes and many others including my personal favorite, Monster. Boondox constantly offers a high energy set, and he did not disappoint on this night. It appears I did not get any pictures from his set as well.

Certified Psychos set closed out the night, featuring Jamie Madrox of Twiztid, BigVin Dustin in a mask, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, and ABK.

While it is definitely disappointing to have Twiztid without Monoxide (and we hope he continues to get better daily!), these four men definitely went all out to ensure we all had a great time. Performing old school hits like First Day Out, 2nd Hand Smoke, and We Don’t Die, the crowd went wild and had a great time. Blaze Ya Dead Homie performed some of his hit, including Real G Shit and Saturday Afternoon during the set. ABK also had some of his hits sprinkled throughout the first hour of their set, including Warrior and Come Out to Play. Juggalos from all over the Metroplex came out, some for the first time since before the pandemic, and crowd participation ran rampant.

There was moshing going on, the norm as we all know, and this is where problems occurred with the venue.

From the back of the crowd, I watched the moshers having their brand of a good time, even saw a little one in the pit being taken very good care of. However, I also watched as Trees security ejected several patrons for what seemed like typical moshing. I, personally, did not see any fights break out. I also spoke with many of those who were ejected who felt they were wrongly thrown out and that Trees security was being far too harsh. It was also discussed that this is what happens at Trees every time the Juggalos come out. Fair warning for anyone considering attending a Juggalo show at Trees in Deep Ellum in the future.

Certified Psychos went on to perform Rydas and Lotus hits alongside Boondox

As we knew was occurring, the two hour Certified Psychos set proceeded to move onto a set of Rydas songs including Duk Da Fuk Down!, Bandanas, and Dark Lotus songs like Pass the Ax, Juggalo Family, and Give Me Dat Blood, giving Juggalos of old a walk down memory lane and new Juggalos, like me, a chance to see something legendary. Going into this show, I had mixed feelings based on social media reaction to the Rydas and Lotus acts of MNE, as no one can deny seeing the backlash online. However, by and large in Dallas, Rydas and Lotus were alive and well in this show, and all were grateful to experience it. The set ended in raucous applause and the usual chants of Family. Juggalo love and that familiar feeling of Family was abound in Dallas on this night.


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