DevilDriver Unleashes Electrifying If Blood Is Life Video

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Apr 13, 2023

Posted By Tracy Fuller

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April 13th, 2023 | By: Tracy Fuller

DevilDriver Returns with an Explosive New Track

Metal enthusiasts, rejoice! DevilDriver has just released their latest high-energy single, “If Blood Is Life,” following their recent tour with Cradle of Filth. As the second track of their upcoming 10th studio album, Dealing With Demons, Vol. 2, set to launch on May 12, this new offering showcases the band’s captivating intensity and raw power.

Captivating Live Performance in “If Blood Is Life” Music Video

The “If Blood Is Life” music video features exhilarating footage from DevilDriver’s latest tour, capturing the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere at their live shows. With fast-paced circle pits, daring crowd surfing, and fiercely passionate fans, the visuals perfectly complement the track’s driving rhythm and thundering groove.

Dez Fafara on the Track’s Profound Message

Lead vocalist Dez Fafara explains that “If Blood Is Life” is more than an infectious headbanger. The song also serves as a reminder to contemplate the fleeting nature of life. Fafara describes the song’s message as reflecting humanity’s tendency to be haunted by the past and future rather than seizing the present moment.

The chorus emphasizes this sentiment with the powerful lyrics, “Time, it waits for no one, Time, it’s worth the taking.” Fafara urges fans to concentrate on the here and now, making the most of every opportunity.

Anticipating Dealing With Demons, Vol. 2

Eager fans can look forward to Dealing With Demons, Vol. 2, hitting the shelves on May 12 through Napalm Records. The album is already available for preorder, giving devotees a chance to secure their copy in advance. Building on the success of Dealing With Demons, Vol. 1, this upcoming release promises to deliver more of DevilDriver’s signature ferocity and thought-provoking lyrics.

In Summary

DevilDriver’s “If Blood Is Life” is a powerful new single that delivers an electrifying sound and a poignant message. The music video highlights the band’s dynamic live performances, and the track itself serves as a compelling teaser for their highly anticipated album, Dealing With Demons, Vol. 2. As the release date approaches, metal fans around the world eagerly await another dose of DevilDriver’s unparalleled intensity and introspective lyrics.

About DevilDriver

Formed in 2002, DevilDriver is an American heavy metal band hailing from Santa Barbara, California. Founded by vocalist Dez Fafara, previously known as the frontman of Coal Chamber, the band quickly gained a dedicated following with their aggressive blend of groove metal, melodic death metal, and metalcore.

Over the years, DevilDriver has undergone several lineup changes, with Dez Fafara remaining as the only consistent member. The current lineup consists of Fafara on vocals, Mike Spreitzer and Neal Tiemann on guitars, Diego “Ashes” Ibarra on bass, and Austin D’Amond on drums.

DevilDriver has released numerous critically acclaimed albums throughout their career, starting with their self-titled debut in 2003. The band is known for its powerful, high-energy live shows and thought-provoking lyrics, often exploring themes of personal struggle, societal issues, and the human experience.

With a signature sound that combines raw intensity and melodic depth, DevilDriver continues to captivate fans worldwide, cementing their status as one of the leading forces in modern heavy metal.


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