Biohazard Reunited After 10 Years Apart!

Mar 18, 2023

Posted By Tracy Fuller

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Biohazard Reunites to Headline Milwaukee MetalFest 2023

Biohazard, the champions of New York-based hardcore metal, have broken their decade-long hiatus and are set to rock the hell out of Milwaukee MetalFest on May 26th. This marks the first time in over ten years that the classic lineup of the group will reunite on stage. The excitement doesn’t end there – following up on their performance at Milwaukee Metal Fest, Biohazard will headline Irving Plaza with a special “OLD SCHOOL NYC MATINEE” set!

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Originally formed in 1987, Biohazard has been a groundbreaking presence in the metal scene for over three decades. With eight studio albums under their belt and a vast collection of live recordings, the band is considered one of the pioneers of crossover thrash and groove metal. From “Punishment” to “Tales from the Hard Side”, Biohazard has made an indelible mark on metal music history through their unique blend of punk and hardcore influences.

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Peep the Biohazard’s reunion tour dates below. As tickets for the Irving Plaza shows became available yesterday, March 17th at 10 a.m. EST.

Biohazard 2023 Reunion tour dates:
05-26 Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee Metal Fest
06-16 New York City, NY – Irving Plaza (Indecision & King Nine)
08-04 Czaplinek, POL – Pol’and’Rock Festival
08-10 Jaromer, CZE – Brutal Assault
08-13 Catton Park, UK – Bloodstock
08-19 Eindhoven, NET – Dynamo Metalfest
09-07/10 Alton, VA – Blue Ridge Rock Festival

Why You Need the “Urban Discipline” LP In Your Life!

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Biohazard’s “Urban Discipline” was a landmark release for the Brooklyn-based band, one that truly highlighted their unique thrash-rap sound. It was the first album to introduce fans outside of New York to their raw and energetic style, blending elements of metal and hip hop in a way that had never been heard before. The album made waves in the metal scene, fusing traditional hardcore punk sensibilities with aggressive rap verses and hypnotic grooves. As a result, it put urban thrash on the map and showed metalheads everywhere what this genre could bring to the table. “Urban Discipline ” was/is an influential album to a wide variety of musicians growing up. Released in 1992, the album is a combination of hardcore punk and heavy metal, making it a pioneering force in the pre nu-metal era. As a young person just discovering music, they found “Urban “Discipline to be an inspiring mix of aggression and melody that appealed to metal fans in many ways. The lyrics spoke directly to teenage angst while the driving guitars inspired listeners to keep pushing forward with life’s challenges. Perhaps it was the way that “Urban Discipline” burst open the door for the upcoming nu-metal bands who soon followed its lead, that made it so appealing to fans of the heavier side of music. It had all of the nuances and metal-core aspects that would soon saturate the industry – a unique blend between rap, punk and metal that stood out from other releases at this time. With its groundbreaking sounds and deep lyrical content, “Urban Discipline” exposed its audience to an entirely new musical experience — one which remains as impactful today as it did when it first came out.


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