A Night of Industrial Legends: Ministry, Gary Numan, & Front Line Assembly at Emo’s Austin

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Apr 28, 2023

Posted By Lulu Deadly

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A Mid-Show Arrival: Missing Front Line Assembly and Catching Gary Numan

Arriving at the concert after being held up at my day job, I sadly missed Front Line Assembly’s performance. However, I made it just in time to catch Gary Numan mid-set. Despite not engaging in much banter with the crowd, Numan captivated the audience with his commanding stage presence and an updated sound that married his New Wave roots with modern industrial textures.

Gary Numan: Intruder to Classic Hits

Numan opened with “Intruder,” a brooding track from his 2021 album of the same name. His setlist strongly focused on his 21st-century work, including the epic “My Name is Ruin” and the stomping “Love Hurt Bleed.” The crowd roared in excitement when he performed modernized renditions of his 80s hits, “Metal” and “Cars.” Guitarist Steve Harris offered an eccentric touch with his peculiar antics and intense stare. Numan ended his set on a high note with “A Prayer For The Unborn,” leaving the stage with a smile.

Ministry’s Triumphant Return: Moral Hygiene and New Material

Ministry took the stage to an eager crowd, opening with tracks from their critically acclaimed 2021 album, Moral Hygiene. Songs like “Alert Level,” “Good Trouble,” and “Disinformation” resonated with the audience, reflecting the band’s most vital work in over a decade. They continued with politically charged songs from their upcoming album, Hopium For The Masses, including “Broken System” and “Goddamn White Trash.

A Nod to the Classics and a Fiery Encore

Frontman Al Jourgensen rewarded the fans’ enthusiasm for the new material with classic Ministry hits, such as “N.W.O.” and “Just One Fix.” The band then powered through tracks from The Land of Rape and Honey, including “The Missing,” “Deity,” and “Stigmata.” Again, the group’s incredible chemistry and musicianship were evident, with guitarists Monte Pittman and Caesar Soto, bassist Paul D’Amour, keyboardist John Bechdel, and drummer Roy Mayorga all delivering exceptional performances.

After a brief departure from the stage, Ministry returned with an encore performance of “So What” and a cover of Fad Gadget’s “Ricky’s Hand.” Jourgensen passionately shared his thoughts on Texas gun laws and urged the crowd to create change before ending the show on a high note.

A Night to Remember: Industrial Music Legends Leave a Lasting Impression

Though I missed Front Line Assembly‘s performance at Emo’s, the fantastic sets by Gary Numan and Ministry satisfied me and the rest of the audience. As we anticipate Ministry’s new album and potential future tours, the powerful performances by these industrial legends will undoubtedly live on in our memories.

Gary Numan Set List:

Everything Comes Down to This
Here in the Black
Love Hurt Bleed
The Chosen
My Name Is Ruin
A Prayer for the Unborn

Ministry Set List:

Alert Level
Good Trouble
Believe Me
Broken System
Goddamn White Trash
Just One Fix
The Missing
1st Encore: So What
2nd Encore: Ricky’s Hand (Fad Gadget Cover)


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