Rock Your Stockings to this Christmas Parody of Rob Zombie’s Dragula

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Dec 19, 2022

Posted By Tracy Fuller

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The holiday season is fast approaching, but not as fast as Zombie Claus is closing in behind you. At least, that’s what Psychostick would have you believe. Rob Zombie’s Hellbilly Deluxe classic “Dragula” gets the band’s Christmas makeover, accompanied by a creepy video by Patrick R. Murphy.

Psychostick here with a heavy Christmas parody of the 1998 Rob Zombie hit ‘Dragula,'” said the band. “Santa Claus looks almost as creepy as Goldberg in Santa’s Slay – an unforgettable piece of holiday entertainment I recommend to everyone.”

Christmas music is a time-honored tradition that takes all shapes and forms. This year, take a journey with Rob Zombie’s classic hit ‘Dragula’ as it transforms into a festive jingle. By adding some of the most beloved Christmas carols to the song, you will be tapping your toes and rocking your stockings all season long with this parody.

Their style is referred to by themselves and some online album review sites as “humorcore.” Psychostick is an American comedy metal band from Tempe, Arizona, currently residing in Chicago, Illinois.

To date, they’ve released 5 albums nationally. Their first album, We Couldn’t Think of a Title, was released back in 2003. Their second album? Sandwich. It dropped in 2009, and their third album– Space Vampires vs Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D– was released back in 2011. IV: Revenge of the Vengeance came out on November 4th 2014 and Do was released during a webcast on July 24th of this year. In concert, they like to share the stage with other well-known national bands like Three Days Grace and Army of Anyone, as well as independently produced groups on the rise such as Mushroomhead, Look What I Did, Powerglove, Bobaflex and many more.

They use prop comedy with objects like rubber chickens, stuffed animals or their instruments during live shows and in videos (rawrb wears a spikey hat, Josh wears a hachimaki, and Matty wears large moose antlers). When performing, Rawrb is known to use a guitar and tennis racket from Guitar Hero.

They have played many songs that haven’t been recorded, such as “The World’s Shortest Christmas Song” (which they first called “December McCrazy.”) They also played some pretty crazy covers, including the Aqua Teen Hunger Force theme song, “X Gon Give You Ed Up” by Rick Astley, and a mashup of “Push It” by Static-X and Salt-N-Pepa. More recently, they covered songs like Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins and the theme from Angry Birds.


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