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Kevin Smith’s animated He-Man reboot for Netflix, Masters of the Universe: Revelation is coming closer to existence. The series, which was advertised back in August, will pick up the story from the original Filmation He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animated series years later, basically taking the Creed/The Force Awakens/Jurassic World strategy with its “belated sequel” look at the world of Eternia. Smith, of course, has a different comedic sensibility as well as deep insight and love of genre and superhero features, and he serves as executive producer on the series.

Netflix has now revealed the Masters of the Universe: Revelation voice cast, and it’s…um…powerful. You might even say it’s the most compelling voice cast in the universe! Check it out…

The Kevin Smith Cast For The Netflix Masters of the Universe

Mark Hamill as Skeletor

Lena Headey as Evil-Lyn

Chris Wood as Prince Adam/He-Man

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Teela

Liam Cunningham as Man-At-Arms

Stephen Root as Cringer

Diedrich Bader as King Randor and Trap Jaw

Griffin Newman as Orko

Tiffany Smith as Andra

Henry Rollins as Tri-Klops

Allen Oppenheimer as Moss Man

Susan Eisenberg as Sorceress

Alicia Silverstone as Queen Marlena

Justin Long as Roboto

Jason Mewes as Stinkor

Phil Lamarr as He-Ro

Tony Todd as Scare Glow

Cree Summer as Priestess

Kevin Michael Richardson as Beast Man

Kevin Conroy as Mer-Man

Harley Quinn Smith as Illeena

Mark Hamill as Skeletor alone would be adequate, but Lena Headey as Evil-Lyn and Sarah Michelle Gellar as Teela are especially outstanding choices. The assembly of talent here matches that of the star-studded group that makes up the cast of the entertaining Harley Quinn animated series on DC Universe. In fact, the way Harley Quinn resembles and feels very much like it could fit in a “serious” version of an animated DC Universe while peppering in all manner of filthy banter and graphic violence, might work pretty well for He-Man and friends, too.

“I’m Eternia-ly grateful to Mattel TV and Netflix for entrusting me with not only the secrets of Grayskull but also their entire Universe,” Smith said in August when the show was first announced. “In Revelation, we pick up right where the classic era left off to tell an epic tale of what may be the final battle between He-Man and Skeletor! Brought to life with the most metal character designs Powerhouse Animation can contain in the frame, this is the Masters of the Universe story you always wanted to see as a kid!”

It seems unlikely that Masters of the Universe: Revelation will have anything to do with Netflix’s brilliant She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, which might just be the best MoTU-related piece of media ever, but maybe we’ll get lucky. Multiverses are all the rage right now anyway, right? Netflix may also become the home to Sony’s long in development Masters of the Universe live-action reboot, as well, which would put all your He-Man streaming needs in one place.

There’s no release date set for Masters of the Universe: Revelation, but hopefully it will arrive this year.

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