Goatwhore Celebrates Brash Brewing Company 4th Anniversary


Oct 10, 2019

Posted By Tracy Fuller

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Goatwhore Brash Brewing 2019 5 Noise From The Pit

Review and Photos By Michael Mullenix

 This past weekend the Brash Brewing Company out in Houston, Texas celebrated its 4th anniversary. In doing so they brought out Extreme Metal veterans, Goatwhore to the brewery. Starting at noon, the event boasted an entire day of local Death Metal and Punk bands as well beer, barbecue, hot-sauce, and cigars. The afternoon also saw the annual release of Brash’s Whiskey Barrel-Aged Stout, Hammersmashedface

This is a mighty brew made with coffee and vanilla bean and boasting an impressive 14% ABV. Such a robust beer met its match when at the tail end of the afternoon Goatwhore took the stage to unleash Metal fury upon the buzzed audience! With the Fermentation Tanks right behind them, the band launched into their first powerful charge Under The Flesh, Into The Soul

The crowd soaked it up and began to mosh as singer L Ben Falgoust let out guttural shrieks to fan-favorites like Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult, Chaos Arcane, and Carving Out The Eyes Of God. Goatwhore was the perfect pick for an afternoon like this, punishing technicality mixed with a raw aggressive performance has always made them a unique beast musically, and one that most Metalheads can easily rally behind.

 Brash, boasting itself as the Metal slinger of suds in East Texas, found a fitting representative to their blend of enjoyable beer with a harsh attitude. Goatwhore’s strength is their nearly effortless ability to combine different Metal influences like Black Metal, Death, and even Thrash, perfectly punctuated by guitarist Sammy Duet’s rhythmic Doom-y riffs in an utterly seamless way. In the end, the band capped off a perfect afternoon with one last sonic anthem, Apocalyptic Havoc,receiving thunderous roars from the crowd soaked in hops and grains.

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