GHOST’s Tour-Ready Transformation & Empowerment Is Underway

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Jan 6, 2023

Posted By Tracy Fuller

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This year, Ghost is planning a worldwide tour involving changes in the band. In an interview with Metal Hammer, Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge revealed that the band will hit the road across the globe in 2023… but before then, there will be “a little bit of change.” Forge, in Ghost fashion, doesn’t say what the change is apart from saying, “some things are public, while others aren’t.”

Next year, Forge said, “we’re going to do a little bit of everything.” There will be one European tour and one American tour. “We are going to do a little bit of everything,” Forge said. On the far end, there’ll be a little bit of upper Asia – a well-established country with many pop cultural fascinations and home to video games.

And there will be something in Oceania, and there might be something south of Panama, and there might be something slightly north of Panama. It feels pretty solid.”

There will be a slight change before that – a good change. We won’t remain silent. Some things are public, some aren’t, but many are in the works.”

In October, Ghost posted an overarching plot video in which Mr. Salterian says to Papa Emeritus IV, “The shows are scheduled; I KNOW when your time is up.” So maybe the change is death?

GHOST has been rocking stages for a while and has amassed a loyal fanbase that can’t get enough of their electrifying music. The band is composed of skillful musicians who know how to bring the house down and keep the audience entertained. From heavy metal to rock, they incorporate something different and mysterious into their sound, making it unique. If you’re into headbanging and an atmosphere full of excitement, then you won’t want to miss out on GHOST’s live shows. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience as the band presents new and wild ways to showcase their talent!


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