Edsel Dope Interview

Dec 8, 2016

Posted By Tracy Fuller

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  • The interview is conducted by Menace from True Juggalo Family with Edsel, the lead singer of the band DOPE, in Austin, Texas, during the band’s “Die Motherfucker Die” reunion tour.
  • The band has been on tour for over a month with 36 shows in a row, and Edsel mentions that the shows have been successful, especially in the Midwest, with cities like Chicago, Flint, and Ohio standing out.
  • Edsel discusses the band’s lineup, noting that DOPE has never had the same lineup for any album, but the current lineup is the core from the “Die Motherfucker Die” song and album, and they have recently released a live album.
  • DOPE’s most recent release is “Blood Money,” a two-part album, with the first part already released. Edsel explains that so much music was written that releasing it in two parts made sense, reflecting different periods of his life.
  • Edsel also mentions his work on soundtracks for WWE and ESPN and collaborations with other artists like Zakk Wylde. He appreciates the Juggalo community and is open to playing at the Gathering of the Juggalos again.


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