Doyle Interview

Jun 19, 2017

Posted By Tracy Fuller

I am a music enthusiast with a deep love for the energy of crowded venues, loud music, & passionate fans. I have a diverse background that includes private security, talent buying, festival security planning, & media relations. I've also worked as a camera operator for various projects, including music videos featuring notable artists like Bernz, Tech N9ne, & Krizz Kaliko. Additionally, I am a camera operator for Full Moon Features, where I contribute to the production of horror movies.
  • Doyle, a guitarist known for his heavy style, discusses his influences and the decision to incorporate more metal elements into his recent albums.
  • The interview touches on Doyle’s collaboration with Alex, the vocalist for Doyle’s band, and how Alex became involved with the group.
  • Doyle mentions his upcoming acting role in the film “Death or 13” and reflects on his cameo in “Big Money Hustlas,” but does not provide details on other acting projects.
  • The conversation covers Doyle’s experiences performing live, including playing older Misfits songs, highlights from recent shows, and the possibility of future performances.
  • Doyle discusses his vegan lifestyle, his work with Monster Man Records, and his upcoming tour plans, including a solo tour in Europe and potential stops in Asia.


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