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Tech N9ne: A Journey Through Music, Philanthropy, and Boundless Creativity

Tech N9ne: A Journey Through Music, Philanthropy, and Boundless Creativity

The Legendary Tech N9Ne, Talks Death, Life, Delirium, And Bliss, With Noise From The Pit'S, Lulu Deadly
The Legendary Tech N9Ne, Talks Death, Life, Delirium, And Bliss, With Noise From The Pit’S, Lulu Deadly

In a recent interview, Tech N9ne, the legendary rapper and founder of Strange Music, opened up about his music, life, and the myriad of projects he has embarked upon. From being slated to perform at the Blue Ridge music festival to his philanthropic efforts, Tech N9ne is a multi-faceted icon who continues to make waves in the music industry and beyond.

Diving Into the 22nd Album “Bliss”

The Genesis of Tech N9ne’s Unique Rap Style

Tech N9ne, born Aaron Yates, recently wrapped up a video shoot for a single from his upcoming 22nd album, “Bliss.” Known for his unique style of rapping, Tech N9ne cites influences ranging from Slick Rick to train sounds and phone busy signals. His aim is to introduce his music to a new generation of rock and hip-hop fans, especially at large platforms like the Blue Ridge music festival.

Fearless Exploration Across Genres

One of the most striking aspects of Tech N9ne’s career is his fearless exploration of different musical genres. Whether it’s collaborating with Gary Clark Jr or sending a song to Elton John, Tech N9ne has never confined himself to the boundaries of rap or hip-hop.

Philanthropic Efforts and Social Responsibility

Secret Santa and More

Outside of his music, Tech N9ne has been deeply involved in charitable activities. Every year, he and his team act as secret Santas, spreading joy and gifts during the holiday season. They also collect bras at concerts to donate to shelters for battered women and children, showcasing a unique approach to philanthropy.

Taking a Stand Against Predatory Tactics

As someone who runs his own music label, Tech N9ne condemns predatory tactics in the music industry. His label, Strange Music, aims to be a safe and fair platform for artists, contrasting with many traditional labels known for exploiting musicians.

Beyond Music: Other Creative Ventures

The Iconic Face Paint and Future Projects

Tech N9ne’s creativity isn’t limited to his music. He has also considered other artistic ventures like a gallery to showcase the various iconic face paint designs he’s sported over the years. He has even pondered over the idea of launching a comic book series.

A Life of Sobriety and Health

At 52, Tech N9ne has committed to a healthier lifestyle, marking two years of sobriety. The rapper believes in constant self-improvement and has been working on cutting down unhealthy habits, becoming a role model for fans and fellow artists alike.

Tech N9ne is not just a rapper but a prolific artist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. His fearless exploration across musical genres, commitment to philanthropy, and ventures into other forms of art make him a multifaceted icon worth celebrating. With his 22nd album “Bliss” on the horizon and a slew of other projects in the pipeline, Tech N9ne continues to break boundaries and inspire generations.

Unleashing Doyle, the Legendary Misfits Guitarist, Transforms the Music Scene

Unleashing Doyle, the Legendary Misfits Guitarist, Transforms the Music Scene

Doyle, the iconic guitarist of the legendary Misfits band, and Alex, the lead singer of Doyle and the Cancerslugs. Prepare to be captivated as we explore their journey of musical fusion, raw emotions, and their unyielding passion for true artistry. 🎸 Introduction 🎀 Doyle, known for his exceptional guitar skills and distinctive style, recently embarked on a mission to find exceptional vocal talent to complement his band. Placing ads in various publications, he scoured the music scene in search of a vocalist who could match his vision. Little did he know that destiny had something extraordinary in store for him. 🎢 A Meeting of Musical Souls πŸ“€ By fate or sheer coincidence, Doyle stumbled upon a CD by Alex, the lead singer of Doyle and the Cancerslugs, showcasing an impressive collection of 19 soul-stirring slow songs. Doyle was instantly mesmerized by Alex’s haunting vocals, evocative lyrics, and raw emotional depth. The connection was undeniable, and the seed for a remarkable collaboration was planted. πŸ’‘ Unleashing Creativity ✍️ Recognizing the immense potential in joining forces, Doyle wasted no time in reaching out to Alex. They soon began working closely together, pouring their hearts and souls into the songwriting process. With each chord progression and lyrical masterpiece, their musical synergy flourished, resulting in an unparalleled sonic experience that transcends genres. πŸ“’ Advocating for Fair Compensation πŸ’° Beyond their creative pursuits, Doyle expresses frustration with streaming services like Spotify, where artists often struggle to receive fair compensation for their hard work. Together, they yearn for a music industry that recognizes the value of artists and ensures they are adequately remunerated, so they can continue to enrich our lives with their incredible talents. 🎡 Navigating the Pandemic 🌍 The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it unprecedented challenges for musicians worldwide. Doyle, utilizing this time to reflect and evolve, devoted his energy to crafting new songs and revisiting cherished classics. Drawing inspiration from the resilience of global audiences, he praises their unwavering support while sharing his insights on the state of the American music scene. πŸŽ₯ Video Highlights 🌟 In this video, we take you on a visual and auditory journey through Doyle and Alex’s collaboration, offering you a glimpse into the creative process, behind-the-scenes moments, and snippets of their awe-inspiring music. Join us as we witness the birth of a musical revolution and immerse ourselves in the artistry that is Doyle and the Cancerslugs. πŸ”” Like, Subscribe, and Share! πŸ™Œ If you enjoyed this video and want to support our channel, don’t forget to hit the like button, subscribe, and share it with your fellow music enthusiasts. Your support means the world to us and encourages us to continue bringing you more captivating stories from rock music. Questions provided by Chad Carsten & Michael Mullenix

Kittie at Sick New World Fest: Unveiling the Unexpected

Get an exclusive look into the world of the Sick New World festival and the captivating conversation with   @kittiechannel, the female metal band that’s rocked the music industry. Witness the scene’s stories and experience music legends in an unprecedented interview. The Rise of Female-Fronted Metal Kittie emerged when female-fronted metal bands were few and far between. They were inspired by this scarcity and sought to break barriers, becoming pioneers. Despite the challenges, Kittie acknowledges the growing presence of talented female musicians in the industry and celebrates their contributions. Unforgettable Moments on Tour with Pantera One of Kittie’s most unforgettable moments was their tour with the legendary Pantera at Ozzfest. They recount this wild experience, filled with adrenaline-pumping performances and the camaraderie of sharing the stage with their idols. It was a turning point for Kittie and solidified their status as a force to be reckoned with in the metal world. Embracing Diversity in Music Kittie has always defied categorization, continuously evolving their sound and incorporating diverse influences. They discuss their evolving acceptance of being labeled as new metal and emphasize the vast array of musical styles they infuse into their powerful tracks. From melodic harmonies to crushing riffs, Kittie’s music transcends boundaries. [Heading 4: Poppy’s Remarkable Cover of “Spit”] In a moment of sheer happiness and pride, Kittie expresses their admiration for Poppy’s cover of their iconic song, “Spit.” The cross-pollination of fans between Kittie and Poppy showcases the unity within the metal community and the profound impact Kittie has had on future generations. It’s a testament to the enduring legacy of their music. The All-Star Tour: Kittie, Poppy, Otep, and Arch Enemy Imagine a tour that brings together the powerhouse talents of Kittie, Poppy, Otep, and Arch Enemy. Kittie suggests the idea of an All-Star tour, where these extraordinary artists would ignite stages worldwide, creating an unforgettable experience for metal enthusiasts everywhere. Let’s support this idea and make it a reality! Be sure to catch this exclusive interview and the captivating conversation with Kittie. Get the inside scoop on their music journey and creative process with behind the scenes stories and live performances. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to hear from music legends and experience the energy of heavy metal and rock ‘n’ roll. Click now to watch the exclusive Sick New World Fest and Kittie interview! If you’re a fan of Kittie’s relentless energy and powerful music, hit that like button, subscribe to our channel for more exclusive content, and share this video with fellow metalheads who need to witness Kittie’s greatness! Together, let’s amplify the voice of female-fronted metal and ensure their legacy continues to inspire generations to come.

An Epic Moment with The Undertaker, Kofi Kingston, & Rhea Ripley Unfolds at WrestleMania SXSW 2023!

In this exclusive panel at SXSW 2023, wrestling legends Undertaker, Rhea Ripley, and Kofi Kingston share their unique experiences on the road to WrestleMania. Join us for an inside look into the world of wrestling and hear firsthand accounts of the ups and downs that come with the sport. Join us for an exclusive panel discussion at SXSW 2023 featuring Undertaker Rhea Ripley and Kofi Kingston as they share their journeys on the road to WrestleMania. In this panel, we’ll get an inside look into the world of wrestling and hear firsthand accounts of the struggles and triumphs of the sport. #Undertaker #RheaRipley #KofiKingston #WrestleMania #SXSW2023 #Wrestling #PanelDiscussion #WWE #NXT #WomensChampion #FanFavorite #Legend #exclusivecontent

Blacklite District Interview

  • Tracy from “Noise from the Pit” interviews the artist Blacklite District in Austin, Texas, at “Come and Take It Live” on January 19th, 2020.
  • Blacklite District discusses touring with another band, “In Lead This Way,” and appreciates their support in exposing him to a larger audience.
  • Growing up in South Dakota, Blacklite District had to create his own opportunities in music due to the lack of a local music scene; he started with drums and later expanded to singing, writing, and producing.
  • Blacklite District achieved success as an independent artist through YouTube and streaming platforms, reaching 110,000 YouTube subscribers and 250 million streams; a collaboration with a Minecraft YouTube channel helped boost his popularity.
  • The artist advises up-and-coming musicians to focus on creating genuine music, learning to produce and mix, and utilizing online platforms; he plans to continue writing and releasing music in 2020.

Doyle Interview

  • Doyle, a guitarist known for his heavy style, discusses his influences and the decision to incorporate more metal elements into his recent albums.
  • The interview touches on Doyle’s collaboration with Alex, the vocalist for Doyle’s band, and how Alex became involved with the group.
  • Doyle mentions his upcoming acting role in the film “Death or 13” and reflects on his cameo in “Big Money Hustlas,” but does not provide details on other acting projects.
  • The conversation covers Doyle’s experiences performing live, including playing older Misfits songs, highlights from recent shows, and the possibility of future performances.
  • Doyle discusses his vegan lifestyle, his work with Monster Man Records, and his upcoming tour plans, including a solo tour in Europe and potential stops in Asia.