The 69 Eyes Talks Gothic Rock & Rock ‘n’ Roll Roots

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Jyrkie, the talented musician from the iconic band The 69 Eyes. Yorkie takes us on a journey through the world of Gothic rock, sharing his unique perspective on the genre and its enticing blend of dangerous romance and nighttime allure. From his early inspirations of Elvis Presley and the Doors to his undying passion for American pop culture, Yorkie sheds light on the driving force behind his rock ‘n’ roll dreams. Join us as we delve into the band’s latest album, “Death of Darkness,” and discover the personal stories behind the tracks that continue to captivate audiences. Plus, Yorkie reveals his excitement for an upcoming duet with the incredible Kat Von D and his hopes for the band’s musical future in the next five to ten years. Don’t miss this candid conversation with one of rock’s most enigmatic figures! #The69Eyes #GothicRock #RockNRollRoots

ACL Fest Interview Exclusive With Flora Cash

ACL Fest Interview Exclusive With Flora Cash

Flora Cash,
Photo By Michael Mullenix

Flora Cash Heads To ACL Fest & Catches Up With Noise From The Pit

By Michael Mullenix

Today we catch up with touring artist Flora Cash as they make their way to Austin City Limits.  Cole Randall and Shpresa LLeshaj are the married couple behind this Soundcloud romance, and are now gearing up for yet another studio release. In addition we talk about ACL Festival, their backstory, destiny, and their contribution to the soundtrack of the upcoming video game, Death Stranding.

A Little About Flora Cash

As innovation blurs borders and connects individuals everywhere, the world continues to get smaller by way of social media, video chats, and so on and so forth. When two kindred spirits cross paths 4,249 miles away from each other, magic still feels like the best possible explanation how… Flora Cash emerged at such an intersection. As the story goes, Minneapolis native Cole Randall uploaded his music to Soundcloud. Across the Atlantic, Shpresa Lleshaj stumbled upon his account and started leaving comments under the songs. Facebook messages gave way to an introductory phone conversation, which snowballed into marathon Skype sessions. Within months, Shpresa booked a ticket to Minneapolis. The two soulmates met I.R.L., relocated to Sweden, spent three months renting a room in a London flat due to Visa restrictions, and finally married back in the U.S. At the same time, the mystique of the music offset the exuberance of the union between them. The duo stitched together a singular style from threads of personal anxiety, struggle, and ultimately triumph. “The fact that we’re collaborating comes from our relationship, but there’s more to our experience than the relationship,” affirms Cole. “It’s as if we’re expressing ourselves individually and bringing those elements together within the band. We all lose people, endure hardships, and face issues. We want to talk about all of that in our music.” “It’s reality, but there is a mystery,” adds Shpresa. The mystery quietly intoxicated fans and gatekeepers alike. In 2017, their full-length debut, Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine), attracted widespread tastemaker praise, including a coveted 9-out-of-10 score from Earmilk as well as acclaim from Noisey, Paste, Wonderland Magazine, Elmore Magazine and The Line of Best Fit, to name a few. The quiet grind paid off as the single “You’re Somebody Else” went viral, clocked 7 million streams, topped HypeMachine, and attracted the attention of RCA Records. Upheld by acoustic guitars and ethereal production, “You’re Somebody Else” hinges on a gorgeously paranoid refrain, “Well you look like yourself, but you’re somebody else—only it ain’t on the surface. Well you talk like yourself. No, I hear someone else though. Now you’re making me nervous.” “I was going through a rough patch,” admits Cole. “It caused Shpresa to go through a rough patch. My anxiety got the best of the both of us.” “We were staying in my sister’s apartment where we recorded it,” Shpresa elaborates. “We lit a candle, Cole played a riff, and we developed this melody. It was like self-therapy for us.” As they write more music in 2018, the story gets even deeper for Flora Cash. “It’s important for us to express what’s inside,” she continues. “Whether it’s good, bad, or complicated, we just hope people feel something.” For open as Flora Cash may be, one key element will remain a secret…

“We’re really open about who we are, but we’ve never told anyone the meaning of our name,” smiles Cole. “It was based on a conversation with someone close. Now I’ve said more than I’ve ever said to anyone,” he laughs. That’s the magic of Flora Cash

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Barb Wire Dolls Interview

  • Barb Wire Dolls, a punk band originally from Greece, performed at the Warped Tour in Dallas, Texas, and described it as one of their best performances on the tour.
  • The band started in Greece with an artist commune on the island of Crete, but struggled to find venues to play in Greece due to punk’s association with anarchism; they eventually created their own scene in Athens.
  • Legendary DJ Rodney Bingenheimer discovered the band on MySpace, played their demo on KROQ, and invited them to play in Los Angeles; they also met Lemmy from Motorhead, who later signed them to his label, Motorhead Music.
  • Lemmy advised the band not to change their style for anyone and to give 100%; he considered them part of his legacy, and the band feels obligated to uphold that honor.
  • Barb Wire Dolls released their third album, “Rub My Mind,” which is more melodic and was recorded in the desert at Rancho de la Luna; the album reflects the world’s state after the Bataclan Paris attacks and promotes overcoming fear and self-pity.

Rude Boy Interview

  • Rude Boy, a professional wrestler and member of the Juggalo community, discusses his upcoming retirement match at the Gathering of the Juggalos, an annual music festival.
  • Rude Boy reveals that he was diagnosed with early stages of dementia, which runs in his family, and has been experiencing memory loss and forgetfulness.
  • He expresses gratitude for his 28-year wrestling career and encourages fans to celebrate his achievements rather than be sad about his retirement.
  • Rude Boy’s son, a DJ, will be performing on the main stage at the Gathering, and Rude Boy himself will be hosting the first two weeks of the second leg of the Riddle Box Tour.
  • The interview also touches on Rude Boy’s charitable work, his faith, and his excitement for the 10th anniversary of Bloody Mania, a wrestling event at the Gathering.