Rocklahoma 2023: A Festival Review

Rocklahoma 2023: A Festival Review

When we talk about the epitome of American rock festivals, it’s hard to ignore Rocklahoma. Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, the festival has upheld its reputation as “America’s Biggest Labor Day Weekend Party.” With an attendance of over 60,000 fans and 5,000 campsites in Pryor, Oklahoma, from September 1-3, Rocklahoma 2023 was nothing short of a sensational experience.

The Kick-Off

Before diving into the heart of the festival, the Rocklahoma Kick-Off Party on August 31st set the tone for what was to come. With performances from Warrant, L.A. Guns, BulletBoys, and Voodoo Moonshine, the evening was a nostalgic trip down rock’s memory lane, awakening the spirits of everyone in attendance.

Star-Studded Line-Up

From modern rock giants like Godsmack and Pantera to the nu-metal nostalgia brought by Limp Bizkit, the festival had something for everyone. Limp Bizkit’s tribute to the late Jimmy Buffett was an emotional moment, reminding us that even in celebration, we carry the weight of the world’s happenings. Rob Zombie and Bush delivered electric performances, while Chevelle, Corey Taylor, and Daughtry had the crowd singing along to every lyric. Special mention should go to Theory Of A Deadman and the other top rock acts that lived up to the festival’s motto: “Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Rock.”

A Historic Moment: KIX

One of the most poignant moments of the festival was witnessing the second-to-last performance ever by the legendary band KIX. Fans new and old were touched by the significance of the moment, appreciating the chance to see the band before their impending retirement.

Miss Rocklahoma 2023

The crowning of Miss Rocklahoma is a tradition that dates back to the festival’s inception in 2009. This year, the honor went to Dani Ward from Edmond, OK. The contest added a flavor of glamour and tradition to an already packed weekend.

Host with the Most: Eddie Trunk

Radio personality Eddie Trunk, who hosted the event, was honored by the Oklahoma State House of Representatives with a special Citation Award for his contributions to rock music globally and to the state of Oklahoma. It was a fitting tribute to a man who has dedicated so much to the world of rock.

Charity & Community

Beyond the music and festivities, Rocklahoma also had a philanthropic angle. The event raised over $80,000 in on-site donations for the Pryor Area Foundation, a non-profit that focuses on community development and support for disadvantaged public-school students in the Mayes County area. This added a layer of purpose to the revelry, making it a party with a cause.

The Atmosphere and Crowd

One of the defining characteristics of Rocklahoma 2023 was the incredible atmosphere that permeated the festival grounds. From the moment you stepped in, you were greeted with an array of colors, sounds, and smells that can only be described as quintessentially rock ‘n’ roll. The crowd was an eclectic mix of people of all ages, united by their love for rock music. Whether you were a seasoned Rocklahoma veteran or a first-timer, the sense of community was palpable.

The Campsites

The 5,000 campsites that sprawled across the festival grounds were like mini-communities of their own. Tents were adorned with flags, fairy lights, and all sorts of rock paraphernalia, making each site unique. The campgrounds offered a nice respite from the high-octane action of the stages, allowing festival-goers to rest, recharge, and make new friends.

Food and Beverages

No festival experience is complete without indulging in some delicious food and drinks, and Rocklahoma was no exception. From classic American BBQ to vegan options, the festival offered a wide variety of culinary delights. The beer gardens were a hit, serving local brews alongside international favorites. Whether you were a craft beer aficionado or someone who just wanted a cold Bud Light, you were covered.

Merchandise and Vendors

The festival boasted an impressive array of merchandise stalls and vendors, offering everything from limited-edition band tees to custom-made festival gear. It was a shopper’s paradise for any rock music aficionado, offering a tangible way to remember the experience long after the last chord had been struck.

Security and Safety

Rocklahoma 2023 took significant measures to ensure the safety and security of its attendees. From entry checks to patrolling security personnel, everything was handled professionally. Medical tents were strategically placed throughout the festival grounds, ensuring quick assistance in case of any emergencies.

Interactive Experiences

What set Rocklahoma apart were the interactive experiences designed for the audience. Whether it was the air guitar competitions, the rock trivia games displayed on giant screens between sets, or the meet-and-greet sessions with some of the artists, these added elements provided entertainment beyond the music, making the festival a holistic experience.

Environmental Responsibility

It was heartening to see that Rocklahoma also took steps to minimize its environmental impact. Recycling bins were as common as trash cans, and there were several water refill stations to discourage the use of single-use plastic bottles.

After-Party Vibes

As the sun set on the final day of the festival, the energy did not wane. The after-parties held on the grounds and in the surrounding campsites were the perfect way to cap off a thrilling weekend. DJs spun classic rock hits, and acoustic guitars came out for impromptu jam sessions, as people celebrated the end of another successful Rocklahoma.

Final Thoughts

Rocklahoma 2023 was a monumental event that surpassed expectations on many levels. It wasn’t just a festival; it was a testament to the power and unity that rock music can bring. And as we packed up our tents and headed back to reality, the resounding chords of the weekend still echoed in our ears, a sweet reminder of the freedom, fraternity, and sheer joy that only Rocklahoma can offer.

Rocklahoma, you’ve outdone yourself again. Here’s to rock, here’s to freedom, and here’s to eagerly waiting for Rocklahoma 2024. Until next year, keep on rocking!

Rating: 5/5 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

Inkcarceration Music & Tattoo Festival 2023: A Thrilling Sold-Out Success!

Inkcarceration Music & Tattoo Festival 2023: A Thrilling Sold-Out Success!

Inkcarceration Music & Tattoo Festival 2023 has just concluded its third consecutive sold-out year, bringing together 75,000 music fans for an unforgettable three-day celebration of music, body art, and horror-themed attractions. Hosted at the historic Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio, the festival continued Danny Wimmer Presents’ ‘Biggest Year In Rock’ 2023 Season. With headlining sets from Slipknot, Pantera, and Limp Bizkit, along with incredible performances from other top bands, this festival left its mark on fans from every state and 15 countries.

A Rocking Extravaganza at Inkcarceration 2023

Unforgettable Headlining Performances

The fifth edition of Inkcarceration was a true spectacle, featuring electrifying headlining performances from some of the biggest names in rock and metal. Slipknot, Pantera, and Limp Bizkit took the stage by storm, delivering unforgettable sets that left the audience in awe.

Pantera’s Special Set and Heartfelt Moments


Pantera’s set was especially memorable, as original members Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown were joined by guitarist Zakk Wylde and drummer Charlie Benante to celebrate Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul. The classic track “Walk” featured special guest backup vocalists, including Brandon Mendenhall of The Mendenhall Experiment, who had previously rocked the campground stage.

Emotional Moments and Surprises

Inkcarceration wasn’t just about the music; it also served as a backdrop for heartwarming moments and surprises. The reunited Coal Chamber made their second live appearance since 2015, and Chelsea Grin’s Tom Barber proposed to his now-fiancée during their performance, leaving fans cheering.

Beyond the Music: Tattoo Convention and Haunted Attractions

The Inked Experience

Inkcarceration presented a unique opportunity for fans to get inked by over 65 talented tattoo artists onsite. The tattoo convention, presented by Inked Magazine, offered daily appointments and nightly competitions hosted by musician and Big Brother alum Jenncity, making it a must-visit attraction for tattoo enthusiasts.

Horror-Filled Thrills

The festival also offered offstage attractions, including the Blood Prison haunted house, providing a bone-chilling experience for horror enthusiasts. Visitors got the chance to explore the very prison made famous in the movie “The Shawshank Redemption,” adding an extra layer of excitement to the festival.

Giving Back to the Community

A Festival with Heart

Inkcarceration takes pride in giving back to the community. The festival partnered with charitable organizations, including Take Me Home, F Cancer, Save22.vet, and To Write Love On Her Arms, to raise funds onsite. Additionally, the festival, in collaboration with The Taylor Foundation and Living The Dream Foundation, fulfilled the dreams of fans, making it a truly heartwarming event.

Boosting the Local Economy

Inkcarceration had a positive impact on the local economy, with an estimated $10 million invested in Ohio’s Richland County. With over 40% of festivalgoers coming from outside Ohio, the event provided a significant economic boost to the region.

Looking Ahead to 2024

Exciting News to Come

As Inkcarceration 2023 concluded on a high note, fans can look forward to an announcement regarding the festival’s 2024 dates, which is expected to come this summer. Early bird sales with affordable payment plans will be offered, ensuring everyone can be a part of this thrilling event.

Conclusion: Inkcarceration Music & Tattoo Festival 2023 was an exhilarating experience that brought together music fans, tattoo enthusiasts, and horror aficionados for an unforgettable three days. With electrifying performances, heartwarming moments, and offstage attractions, the festival lived up to its reputation as one of the premier events in the rock and metal scene. As we eagerly await the announcement of the 2024 dates, it’s safe to say that Inkcarceration will continue to be a highlight in the lives of music and tattoo lovers alike.

Texas Frightmare Weekend Unleashes Terror at the Irving Convention Center

Texas Frightmare Weekend Unleashes Terror at the Irving Convention Center

An Electrifying Transformation of Fear and Thrills

Prepare to be spellbound as Texas Frightmare Weekend 2023 takes the stage at the formidable Irving Convention Center. Brace yourself for an immersive journey into the depths of horror as this legendary event unveils a new chapter in terror. With electrifying energy and heart-pounding anticipation, we invite you to experience fear like never before.

Gateway to Fear: Unleashing Horror at the Irving Convention Center

Step into a realm where nightmares thrive, and terror reigns supreme. The Irving Convention Center becomes the epicenter of horror as Texas Frightmare Weekend harnesses its bone-chilling power within its hallowed halls. From the moment you set foot in this ominous venue, prepare to be consumed by the haunting atmosphere that envelops you, transporting you to the heart of your darkest fears.

Accessible Horrors: A Convenient Path to Nightmarish Delights

Fear knows no bounds, and neither should your journey to Texas Frightmare Weekend. Conveniently nestled within walking distance of the DART Rail line, this chilling extravaganza is easily within reach for all thrill-seekers. Whether embracing responsible revelry or preferring to leave the driving to others, accessing the horrors has never been more effortless. Let the railway carry you closer to the macabre wonders that await.

Culinary Enchantments: Satisfy Your Cravings Amidst the Terror

Amidst the gripping horrors of Texas Frightmare Weekend, fear not, for we have discovered a culinary oasis that will captivate your senses. Prepare to indulge in tantalizing offerings that leave you craving for more. Be ready for an unforgettable encounter with the legendary taco truck, where savory delights and fiery flavors converge. Explore a restaurant row, enjoy the Toyota Center Pavilion concert venue, and unwind at drinking spots. And for sports fans, catch the Dallas Stars triumph at the nearby sports bar. Go Stars!

Unveiling Dark Secrets: Panels, Q&A, and the Shadows of Horror

Immerse yourself in the depths of horror knowledge as genre luminaries reveal their dark secrets at gripping panels and captivating Q&A sessions. Prepare to be bewitched by the tales spun by industry veterans as they share their experiences, insights, and untold stories that will send shivers down your spine. Texas Frightmare Weekend becomes a hallowed ground where the boundaries between reality and the macabre blur, leaving you yearning for more sinister tales.

[foogallery id=”24779″]

Embrace the Unrelenting Terror of Tomorrow

As the curtains fall on Texas Frightmare Weekend 2023, the echoes of fright and exhilaration resonate in our hearts. The Irving Convention Center has witnessed the birth of a new era, where fear and fascination intermingle to create a symphony of horror. Let this tantalizing taste of terror fuel your anticipation for the next chapter, where nightmares will manifest, and new bonds will form in the shadows. Surrender to the power of Texas Frightmare Weekend and prepare to be forever haunted by its chilling embrace.

Las Vegas’ Sick New World Successfully Captures the 1990’s era of Hard Rock/Metal!

Las Vegas’ Sick New World Successfully Captures the 1990’s era of Hard Rock/Metal!

Sick New World Rocked Our Faces Off!

Las Vegas, Nevada is a city that never, ever sleeps. It is a place of endless excitement, with its neon lights, bustling casinos, and shows that leave you spellbound. The entertainment industry in Las Vegas is unparalleled and unrivaled; the city has been known to host some of the biggest events in the world.

From running with bulls at the Bull Run Festival to dancing with naked performers at Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity show, Las Vegas offers an experience like no other. The city also boasts some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the world. With their extravagant amenities, breathtaking views, and world-class service, guests are left feeling pampered beyond measure. Despite its reputation for being a place where anything goes and everything happens behind closed doors, Las Vegas is a town that welcomes everyone with open arms.

Image 17 Noise From The Pit
Chad Carsten of Noise From The Pit at Sick New World Photo by Hanka Photos

Last weeks Mother’s Day weekend was one for the rock ‘n’ roll history books, as it featured the ultimate Las Vegas gathering of nu-metal, industrial, gothic, and alternative fans. As the inaugural Sick New World Saturday, May 13th, 2013 event saw tens of thousands of die-hard followers converge in the sweltering 90-plus degree desert heat to celebrate their favorite genres of music. The Sick New World festival boasted an impressive lineup, featuring some of the biggest names in modern hard rock/metal history such as Korn, Incubus, Kittie, Evanescence, Papa Roach, Cradle of Filth, Ice-T’s Body Count, Orgy, Cold, Hoobastank, Filter, and even KMFDM! Concert attendees were straight up drooling in anticipation, mad thrilled to see their idols take to the stage and deliver electrifying performances that left them screaming for more.

Img 3695 2 Noise From The Pit
Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos
Img 3701 Noise From The Pit
Sick New World Fans! Photo by Hanka Photos
Sick New World Crowd Noise From The Pit
The Sick New World Crowd during Kittie! Photo by Sean Jorg

Beyond the music, it was about meeting amazing people, whom were in the same line as you for water, food or merch, etc that share the same wide arrange of music tastes as you. And then discussing your favorite bands together in super exciting tones. Because Sick New World was instantaneously a truly exhilarating experience that will be remembered for years to come.

The gothic industrial vibes beautifully erupted on Friday, May 12th, 2023! Because the Brooklyn Bowl ,located at the Las Vegas Strip, was transformed into a rock n’ roll haven,as hundreds upon hundreds of music fans flooded the venue to catch The Birthday Massacre and Stabbing Westward rock our gothic souls! The half bowling lanes and half concert venue were filled with an electrifying atmosphere that transported everyone back to the golden era of 1990’s hard rock!

Image 18 Noise From The Pit
Sick New World Pre-Show Flyer

The headlining band were industrial favorites Stabbing Westward. They took to the stage on Friday night and delivered an unforgettable performance that had everyone on their feet, rocking the fucking out. With their hard-hitting beats and raw vocals, they transported the audience back in time to relive some iconic hits from the 90s. The crowd’s energy was palpable as they sang along to every word of Stabbing Westwards biggest hits “What Do I Have To Do?” and “Save Yourself.” The Birthday Massacre also successfully delivered a glorious gothic evening showcase that had fans cheering the loudest during their nightmarish tinged rocker closer “In The Dark”.

As Friday’s awe-inspiring Brooklyn Bowl concert concluded, Saturday’s debut of Sick New World Festival swiftly arrived! With thousand upon thousands of fans all cheering loud and proud to finally release years of built up stress during their favorite bands sets. All thanks to the epic music vibes Sick New World was about to bring forth!

Image 19 Noise From The Pit
COLD Rocking Sick New World! Photo by Sophia Juliette

Modern rock legends Cold were officially celebrating 20th anniversary of their 2023 hard rock masterpiece “Year of the Spider” when they helped kick off Sick New World with an explosive set that had the crowd clamoring for more, long after their 30 min set had finished. Cold opened with one of their biggest hits “Stupid Girl”. As they finished off the day with their astounding banger “Just Got Wicked”! Simply put. Cold were indubitably inspirational live! Shame on you for missing their set. Salute to those that did witness their phenomenal performance!

Image 20 Noise From The Pit
Fans saluting COLD at Sick New World! Photo by Sophia Juliette

Img 3585 1 Noise From The Pit
Orgy giving it their all during Sick New World. Photo by Hanka Photos
Img 3582 Noise From The Pit
Jay Gordon singing during “Slept So Long” Photo by Hanka Photos

Nu-Industrial champions Orgy shocked everyone attending Sick New World when they began their set with the fan favorite, haunting, “Queen of the Damned” single “Slept So Long”! The track was originally written by Jonathan Davis (Korn). But Jay Gordon was hired to do vocal duties when Davis’ label at the time prevented him from releasing “Slept So Long” containing his very own recorded vocals. And Jay Gordon had the Sick New World audience totally enthralled with his captivating live vocal range during “Slept So Long”. Definitely one of the major performance highlights of the day! Orgy also paid tribute to fallen Prodigy frontman Keith Flint through an mind-bending cover of “Smack My Bitch Up! Which followed up with Orgy closing out their set with their own signature cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday”. As the audience screamed so loud, their lungs were probably near bleeding. Orgy should’ve had a better time-slot. But they still rocked the Spiral Stage to its core, even with a limited set. P.S. “Stitches” and “Fiction (Dreams in Digital)” were performed by Orgy too!

Img 3595 Noise From The Pit
Jay Gordon jumping into the crowd at Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos
Img 3613 1 Noise From The Pit
The 69 Eyes rocking Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos

Finnish Gothic metal heads The 69 Eyes head the crowd rocking their asses off with fan favorite spooky cuts such as “Brandon Lee” and “Lost Boys”. Frontman Jyrki 69’s astonishing live vocal range is to die for, as his powerful voice is capable of bringing about a sea of tears in our eyes due to how epic his voice is! And his fan base wouldn’t have it any other way.

Img 3661 1 Noise From The Pit
The 69 Eyes frontman Jyrki keeping it real at Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos
346056864 3446609375607509 7756103258145473480 N Noise From The Pit
Jyriki 69 giving it his all at Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos
Image 22 Noise From The Pit
Papa Roach going all out during Sick New World! Photo by Alan Sabido

Papa Roach kept the Sick New World crowd jumping as high as humanly possible all through out their set all. All thanks to their live soaring octane, energizing, headbanger extravaganza set! The band even brought out Funny Man of Hollywood Undead during their rock ‘n’ roller song “Swerve”. Which had the audience absolutely losing their fucking minds! But they lost their minds even more during the closing tracks ‘Between Angels and Insects” and their signature hit ‘Last Resort’! Large pits emerged during “Last Resort”. And the crowd screamed their loudest for Papa Roach during this finale. Overall, Papa Roach’s set was an majestic hard rock sight to see!

Dn9Srih0 Noise From The Pit
Kittie destroying the Sick Stage at Sick New World! Photo by Sean Jorg
Y4Mksulc Noise From The Pit
Morgan Lander of Kittie kicking ass live! Photo by Sean Jorg
62Mb6Kcu Noise From The Pit
Tara McLeod of Kittie during a guitar solo at Sick New World! Photo by Sean Jorg

Since 1996, London Ontario’s Kittie helped break down the music barriers of female musicians pursuing the more aggressive side of metal with guttural vocals. Featured on the Sick Stage, Kittie brought on a mosh pit paradise through their heavy hitter tracks “Brackish”, “Spit”, and their brand new single that debuted at the inaugural festival “Vultures”! The metal horns were held high and mighty all through out Kittie‘s flesh ripping set. As the talented lady’s of Kittie gave it their all to accomplish bringing about a gratifying Sick Stage performance that left the crowd metaphorically battered and bruised, but feeling more a live than ever!

Rirmgmwy Noise From The Pit
Richard Patrick (Filter) getting the crowd wet! Photo by Luther Redd

Concert goers at the Spiral Stage started to boo with they mistakenly thought Richard Patrick’s Filter wasn’t performing because the stage was flipped around displaying KMFDM’s logo and gear. While the staff were simply just making sure the electrical side of the instruments and stage show were ready to go, so Filter could rock our faces off. As soon as the Spiral Stage flipped back to Filter, the crowed roared in excitement!

20230513 1711151 Noise From The Pit
Filter during “Hey Man, Nice Shot” Photo by Chad Thomas Carsten

Filter kicked off their herculean Spiral Stage set with 1999’s “Welcome to the Fold”. Then briskly jumped into the live debut of their infectious brand new single “Face Down”! Filter then closed out their virtuoso set with a triple threat that brimmed with 1990’s super hit singles “Can You Trip Like I Do”, “Take A Picture”, and “Hey Man, Nice Shot”! What made this finale even more great was the notable surprise guest appearance of Nine Inch Nail’s alumni musician Danny Lohner! When Richard Patrick announced Danny on stage, the crowd exploded in loud cheers! Above all, Filter were a major highlight of Sick New World and the entire band flourished in rock ‘n’ roll eminence!

Y6Xyumqg Noise From The Pit
Filter rocking out during Sick New World! Photo by Luther Redd
347600211 998676878176693 5423567099770793109 N Noise From The Pit
Lucia of KMFDM during Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos

Industrial music pioneers KMFDM epically graced the Spiral Stage during their fist pumping performance at Sick New World festival. KMFDM played in the same timeslot as Evanescence, but they were not deterred by this fact. Because they still successfully put on an electrifying show in front of thousands of screaming music fans. Lead singer/programmer Sascha Konietzko and singer Lucia Cifarelli beyond shined during classic songs “Son of a Gun” and “A Drug Against War” alongside newer tracks such as “Hyena” and “Rebels in Kontrol.” KMFDM gave it their all on the spiral stage. As the Sick New World audience were super thrilled to see them live, smiling ear to ear all through KMFDM’s entire motivational set.

O8Nav5Ln Noise From The Pit
KMFDM at Sick New World! Photo by Sean Jorg
Img 4179 Noise From The Pit
Sascha of KMFDM staying focused at Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos
Img 4189 Noise From The Pit
Sascha of KMFDM during the classic ‘Xtort’ track “Son of a Gun” at Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos
Sz7Zkpv4 3 Noise From The Pit
Amy Lee (Evanescence) at Sick New World! Photo by Sophia Juliette

After catching KMFDM, Noise From The Pit were still able to rush to witness Evanescence live during their epic finale for their mega hit “Bring Me To Life”. Which featured a surprise guest appearance from Sonny of P.O.D., who sang Paul McCoy’s (12 Stones) lyrics featured within “Bring Me To Life”. And Sonny killed it! Amy Lee’s live vocals during “Bring Me To Life” were breathtaking too! Nuff said!

Sonny of P.O.D. during “Bring Me To Life” at Sick New World!
Screenshot 2023 05 20 At 17 15 48 ℕ𝕠𝕚𝕤𝕖 𝔽𝕣𝕠𝕞 𝕋𝕙𝕖 ℙ𝕚𝕥 @Noisefromthepit Instagram 1 Noise From The Pit
Brandon of Incubus during Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos

California legends Incubus still have a major influence on the music industry. And of course their performance at the Sick New World festival was nothing short of amazing. At this particular festival, they aimed for more rocking material instead of the pop sound they have been leaning towards in recent years. Right when Incubus entered the stage, everyone in attendance went crazy as they began to play some of their classic songs that we have all come to love and know over the years such as “Privilege”, “Megalomaniac” “Anna Molly”, “Pardon Me”, and even “The Warmth”. The alternative rockers completely owned every moment while on stage and their energy was infectious throughout the entire venue. While audience cheered endlessly for each song as Incubus expertly melded together different genres into a sonic experience unlike any other. Their set list flowed seamlessly from one song to another and even included a brilliant cover of The Beatles classic “Come Together”, which of course instantaneously became incredibly well received by fans old and new alike.

Img 4389 1 Noise From The Pit
Las Vegas' Sick New World Successfully Captures The 1990'S Era Of Hard Rock/Metal! 183

Brandon of Incubus during “Anna Molly” at Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos

Owftvqek Noise From The Pit
Hoobstank rocking Sick New World! Photo by Justn James

Alternative rock masters Hoobstank presented a flawless set that was stuffed full of their modern rock radio hits that included “The Reason”, “Crawling in the Dark”, “Remember Me” “Same Direction” “Running Away” and even “Out of Control”. The fans were gleaming in hard rock joy, majorly ecstatic to finally witness Hoobstank completely go all out at the Sick Stage through an extraordinary memorable set that will go down inside the Sick New World history records as one the major highlights of the night, due to the bands alluring and stunning stage show.

Pr1Nteie Noise From The Pit
Hoobstank continuing to go all out during Sick New World! Photo by Justn James
M9Lj0Ss Noise From The Pit
Groovie Mann of TKK having fun at Sick New World! Photo by Sean Jorg

The lives of the Sick New World audience changed the day they all took a chance and bought a ticket to Sick New World. But Little did some of them know that, tucked away in the corner of the event grounds, was another giant of the vintage industrial era: My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult! From the crowd’s first live listen of their genre-shifting sound, it felt like a sonic revelation – and one that has been hard to let go since. Sick New World attendees will forever remember standing in awe as My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult filled every inch of air with their darkly captivating music. Everywhere you looked, people were dancing and singing along to this entrancing melange of gothic rock, synth pop and psychedelic blues. But what really made an impression on for the fans, was how confidently TKK embraced their own style, despite being vastly different from other acts at the festival. TKK’s set was beautifully inspiring!

Vkzaiu O Noise From The Pit
Frontman of TKK grinning at Sick New World! Photo by Sean Jorg
S2Fsyusu Noise From The Pit
Al Jourgensen (Ministry) rocking the fuck out during Sick New World! Photo by Luther Redd

Noise From The Pit were able to catch a good portion of (industrial metal icons) Ministry’s skull crushing Sick New World performance! As the entire band completely set the Spiral Stage musically ablaze with their spine shattering stage show that left concert goers totally stunned in adrenaline madness! What a sight to behold. Ministry still can melt your mind like a pound of acid after all these decades!

Img 4775 Noise From The Pit
Jonathan Davis (Korn) during Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos

One of Sick New World’s major headliners, Korn, took the stage by storm and delivered an electrifying performance that left their fans musically comatosed! The nu-metal Godfathers were in top form as they belted out some of their most popular hits such as “Freak on a Leash,” “Blind,” and even “Coming Undone.” The crowd went wild as the band members jumped around sporting their classic Adidas outfits on stage, playing their instruments with incredible precision. Throughout the show, Korn kept things interesting with special effects and stunning visuals. They occasionally used a see-through video wall that could be seen from all angles of the venue. This enhanced the concert experience for everyone in attendance and made it feel like a true spectacle. From start to finish, Korn’s set was filled with energy and excitement. Their powerful vocals combined with hard-hitting beats had everyone dancing along to their music.While Korn frontman Jonathan Davis displayed a huge smile the entire evening, due to how loud the crowd positively reacted to their gut-punching live set! You could immediately tell Davis was beyond blessed to be in front of such a massive audience at Sick New World!

347628938 1600382653793650 4126673567407267897 N Noise From The Pit
Jonathan Davis of Korn at Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos
Img 4747 Noise From The Pit
Jonathan Davis (Korn) giving it his very all at Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos
Evrawkh0 Noise From The Pit
The Drummer of HEALTH going insane on the drums! Photo by Sean Jorg

Industrial revivalists HEALTH completely annihilated the Sick Stage with a short face-melting set of music intensity, that most likely had sober fans among the audience thinking they were accidentally dosed with LSD. An underrated performance spectacle of the night, HEALTH presented an wondrous set that left the audience’ very own jaws dropping straight to the ground on some vintage Looney Tunes shit. Remarkably monumental!

Img 5372 1 Noise From The Pit
Ice-T (Body Count) soaking in Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos
347266441 203012775915495 6503157424501742728 N Noise From The Pit
Ice-T throwing the Metal Horns up at Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos

It was not the bands fault at all. But Body Count‘s (fronted by Ice-T) raw prestigious thrashing set started out with being plagued by sound issues. But that didn’t effect Body Count whatsoever. Because the band continued to solder on with a fierce stage show that gave birth to massive mosh pits in the pit area of the Sick Stage! Body Count presented a bloodthristy cover of Slayer’s “Raining Blood” before having their set abruptly cut during their iconic anti-corruption single “Cop Killer”. Despite all the stage troubles, Body Count kicked all of our asses with a ferocious set that left headbangers chanting Body Count’s band name to keep on rocking!

Img 5445 1 Noise From The Pit
Ice-T at Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos
Img 5335 1 Noise From The Pit
Body Count shredding during a cover of Slayer’s “Raining Blood”! Photo by Hanka Photos

Img 5590 Noise From The Pit
The Sisters of Mercy during Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos

1980’s Gothic new-wave legends The Sisters of Mercy presented a miraculous gloomy stage show that kept the audience clamoring for material from start to finish! Kicking off with their new single “Don’t Drive On Ice” and finishing off their noteworthy set with the 1987 classic “This Corrosion”; The Sisters of Mercy kept the gothic beauties dancing in joy all through out another underrated performance at Sick New World that left the crowd musically breathless!

347604288 247496971266802 4072357316953606778 N Noise From The Pit
Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth) at Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos

England Gothic black metal elites Cradle of Filth truly lived up to their reputation during their Sick New World performance, which saw them take over the Sick Stage for a brutal, but short grandiose set. The band played through heavy hitter tracks such as “Gilded Cunt, “Nymphetamine (Fix)”, and even “Born in a Burial Gown”! As Cradle of Filth left the audience with an unforgettable experience that will be etched in their minds forever.

Img 5723 Noise From The Pit
Cradle of Filth shredding like madmen at Sick New World! Photo by Hanka Photos

From the very first note, it was evident that Cradle of Filth took no prisoners during their fast-paced performance. Their trademark blend of brutality and grandeur shook the Las Vegas Fairgrounds to its core, with lead singer Dani Filth’s guttural screams cutting through the air like an ancient Knight’s battle sword. The band’s theatrics only added to the spectacle, with elaborate costumes and mesmerizing bloody medieval visuals, that transported fans to another era of life altogether. This was non-arguably black metal at its finest – raw, uncompromising and utterly spellbinding. Cradle of Filth were the final band of Sick New World!. But they totally rocked everyone to hell and back!

Img 5765 Noise From The Pit
Dani Filth during “Gilded Cunt” Photo by Hanka Photos

Final Thoughts: Sick New World is probably the most professionally ran music festival I’ve attended. Everyone had access to clean water with numerous water stations spread out across the grounds, re-entry was allowed, I even noticed nice security handing out water. Not to mention that the press lounge was actually cold for once. My only nitpicks were some sound issues and the festival should probably be held in the earlier part of the year, so the dry Vegas heat isn’t tuckering people out so fast. Despite that, Sick New World was a grand ole time for the gothic, nu-metal, alternative, industrial crowd. And hopefully Sick New World returns roaring back better than ever before very soon!

A Sick New World fan lets us know his true thoughts on the festival!

Can “Hypnotic” Win an Oscar? A Closer Look at Robert Rodriguez’s Latest Film

Can “Hypnotic” Win an Oscar? A Closer Look at Robert Rodriguez’s Latest Film

Robert Rodriguez’s “Hypnotic” and its Oscar Potential

Robert Rodriguez is a household name in the film industry, with numerous critically acclaimed films under his belt. He recently premiered his latest film, “Hypnotic,” at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival. The film stars Ben Affleck as a detective investigating a series of mysterious thefts, and it has garnered considerable attention from audiences and critics alike. With the Oscars right around the corner, the question on everyone’s mind is: does “Hypnotic” have what it takes to win an Oscar? This article will examine the film and its potential for awards season.

Overview of “Hypnotic”

The film is a psychological thriller that follows the story of detective Frank Lombardi, played by Ben Affleck. Lombardi is tasked with investigating high-profile thefts connected to a mysterious woman named Miranda. However, as Lombardi delves deeper into the case, he realizes there may be more at play than meets the eye. The film also stars Kate Hudson, Michael Imperioli, and Michael Mando.

Early Reception at SXSW

“Hypnotic” premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in March 2023 and has already generated significant buzz. Critics have praised the film’s suspenseful plot, strong performances, and stylish cinematography. In addition, the film has been compared favorably to other psychological thrillers like “Gone Girl” and “The Girl on the Train.” Many critics have also singled out Ben Affleck’s performance as one of the film’s highlights.

Oscar Potential

While it’s still early to say for sure, it does have some potential for awards season. Psychological thrillers have historically done well at the Oscars, with films like “Silence of the Lambs” and “Black Swan” winning multiple awards. The film’s solid performances and stylish visuals could also catch Oscar voters’ attention.

If “Hypnotic” receives Oscar nominations, the most likely categories would be Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor. Ben Affleck’s performance has already generated considerable Oscar buzz, and it’s possible that he could receive a nomination for Best Actor. However, there is stiff competition in all of these categories, and whether it will can stand out from the crowd remains to be seen.


Overall, “Hypnotic” is a well-crafted psychological thriller that has generated considerable buzz at SXSW. While it’s still early to say for sure, the film does have some potential for awards season. If the movie does receive Oscar nominations, the most likely categories would be Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see how the rest of the awards season plays out, but “Hypnotic” is a film to keep on your radar.

An Unforgettable Night: The SXSW Premiere of Evil Dead Rise

An Unforgettable Night: The SXSW Premiere of Evil Dead Rise

Being an ardent fan of the Evil Dead franchise, the anticipation of the premiere of Evil Dead Rise at the SXSW Film Festival had me counting down the days. When the moment finally arrived, I knew I had to share my personal and unique perspective on this adrenaline-filled, spine-chilling ride of a film. So, without further ado, let’s dive into my thrilling experience at the SXSW premiere of Evil Dead Rise.

The Atmosphere at SXSW

The electric atmosphere struck me as I entered the iconic venue. The air was thick with excitement as fans gathered to witness the next chapter of the Evil Dead saga. Conversations buzzed around me as people speculated about the plot, the characters, and the gruesome scares awaited us.
Before the screening, I had the opportunity to mingle with fellow fans, discussing our favorite moments from previous installments and expressing our hopes for the new film. The camaraderie and shared love for the franchise were genuinely infectious.

The Beginning of the Film

As the lights dimmed and the opening credits began to roll, the audience fell silent, and anticipation hung like a thick fog. It was clear from the start that director Lee Cronin had a unique vision for Evil Dead Rise, and I was eager to see how this new installment would unfold.

The Fresh Approach

The plot of Evil Dead Rise took a fresh approach, moving away from the familiar cabin-in-the-woods trope that has defined the series thus far. Setting the action in a city apartment building made the story more grounded and relevant to modern audiences, which only heightened the horror.
The urban setting allowed for a new sense of claustrophobia, as the characters found themselves trapped in a seemingly familiar environment that quickly transformed into a living nightmare. As the demonic forces closed in, I couldn’t help but feel a creeping sense of dread that stayed with me long after the film ended.

The Performances

One of the standout performances for me was that of Lily Sutherland, who played the role of Beth with impeccable grace and intensity. Her fierce determination to protect her family from the demonic forces at play made her a compelling protagonist, and I found myself rooting for her every step of the way.
The performances of Alyssa Sutherland and Gabrielle Echols were equally impressive, as they tackled their roles with an equal measure of talent and bravery. The cast truly brought their A-game, elevating the film to new heights.

Lee Cronin’s Direction

I was skeptical when I heard that Cronin would take the reins for this installment. But after experiencing his vision for Evil Dead Rise, I can confidently say that he has paid homage to the original and crafted a film that stands on its own.
Cronin’s masterful control of pacing, tension, and atmosphere was evident throughout the film, and his ability to balance horror with moments of levity and character development truly impressed me. However, the jump scares, gory special effects, and relentless tension left me gasping for breath more than once.

Sam Raimi’s Involvement

Sam Raimi, the original mastermind behind the Evil Dead franchise, appeared at the premiere and spoke about his decision to entrust Cronin with the latest chapter. Seeing Raimi’s support and belief in Cronin’s ability to do justice to the legacy was heartwarming.
Raimi’s involvement as a producer provided a seal of approval for fans of the original films. It ensured that Evil Dead Rise maintained the franchise’s spirit while allowing Cronin to explore new territory.

The Audience Reaction

As the credits rolled and the audience erupted in applause, it was clear that Evil Dead Rise had successfully won over both old and new fans. The energy in the room was electric, with viewers expressing their enthusiasm and delight at the film’s many twists and turns.
As I mingled with fellow audience members after the screening, I received a chorus of praise for the film. Many praised Cronin’s direction and the cast’s performances, while others marveled at the film’s ability to balance horror and humor. It was evident that Evil Dead Rise had struck a chord with viewers, leaving them eager to discuss the movie and relive its most memorable moments.

The Lasting Impact

The day following the premiere, I reflected on the experience and the film itself. Evil Dead Rise exceeded my expectations in many ways, delivering a thrilling, nail-biting addition to the horror genre that was respectful of its roots and daring in its approach.
My experience at the SXSW premiere of Evil Dead Rise was truly unforgettable, and the film has left a lasting impression on me. In addition, I can’t help but feel excited about the franchise’s future, as Cronin’s vision has breathed new life into the series and demonstrated that there are still new stories to be told in the world of Evil Dead.

Looking Ahead

As I eagerly await the film’s wider release, I recommend Evil Dead Rise to friends, family, and fellow horror enthusiasts. It’s a film that will satisfy long-time fans of the franchise and attract a new generation of viewers who may be unfamiliar with the series.
If you’re a fan of the Evil Dead franchise, or even if you’re new to the world of Ash Williams and his battle against demonic forces, I highly encourage you to catch Evil Dead Rise when it hits theaters. I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

In Conclusion

The SXSW premiere of Evil Dead Rise was an experience I would never forget. From the anticipation leading up to the event to the electric atmosphere at the screening, the entire evening, we celebrated the enduring legacy of the Evil Dead franchise.
Evil Dead Rise has proven that there is still life in this iconic series, and I eagerly anticipate what the future holds for the franchise. If you can see this film, don’t hesitate – it’s a thrilling, heart-pounding ride that will leave you breathless.

In the words of the legendary Ash Williams, “Hail to the king, baby!”