Alleluia! The Devils Carnival Is Here In Town!

Alleluia,The Devils Carnival,

Oct 1, 2015

Posted By Tracy Fuller

I am a music enthusiast with a deep love for the energy of crowded venues, loud music, & passionate fans. I have a diverse background that includes private security, talent buying, festival security planning, & media relations. I've also worked as a camera operator for various projects, including music videos featuring notable artists like Bernz, Tech N9ne, & Krizz Kaliko. Additionally, I am a camera operator for Full Moon Features, where I contribute to the production of horror movies.

Alleluia! The Devils Carnival Is Here In Town!

What’s amazing about the horror genre is its ability to form strong, passionate opinions.  Love horror or hate it, it resonates with us, and when a film that grabs our attention, we instantly connect with it. Alleluia The Devils Carnival is definitely a movie that grabs my attention.

Now I must admit, I went and saw this movie without seeing the first one, The Devils Carnival. I’m glad I did because any good film should be able to lure you in without the sake of following a franchise series (which for me this is not, but more of artistic expression).

Darren Lynn Bousman is the director of this film and if you recognize the name, it may have to do with his success in the horror film series Saw II, III, and IV. He was also the director of the Mudvayne video “Forget to Remember“.

What’s amazing about Bousman’s approach in his films is how he makes them in an uncompromising way. Then he tours them at theaters all throughout the nation, building up one of the most dedicated cult film bases.

Devil A Noise From The Pit

Terrance Zdunich “Lucifer”

Terrance Zdunich reprises his role as Lucifer and writes the script and lyrics (with the aid of co-composer Saar Hendleman).  Lucifer has grown tired of God’s almighty absurdity. In trying to bait God, he begins sending wayward souls back to Heaven. God doesn’t take kindly to the rejects being sent back. This is a part of Beelzebub’s plot to lure in the most innocent and faithful, The Agent (Adam Pascal), who leads

Alleluia Thepainteddoll2 Noise From The Pit

Emilie Autumn

Gods army. The Agent (Adam Pascal) is tasked by the Almighty, with seducing one of God’s newest recruits, The Painted Doll (Emilie Autumn). Meanwhile, The Ticket Keeper (Dayton Callie) organizes  Lucifer’s carnies. But with time running out, both sides begin to worry that their soldiers may not be ready. 

Emilie Autumn carries the sentimental weight of the movie. She portrays the new recruit in Alleluia with a promiscuous, Do what thou wilt attitude. She is the one who questions things in life, as opposed to just following the plan. With The Agent’sseduction coming full circle, her curiosity and pride get the best of her when she pries towards the symbolic forbidden fruit. Ultimately, leading to her demise/freedom (depending on perspective) into the depths of Hell. Which ironically, the tables eventually end up turning. [newsletter]

I love how the incorporation of burlesque dancers, smoky Jazz club scenes, and the incredible attention to detail come together in this film. Not to mention some pretty amazing star cameos. David Hasselhoff plays a creepy flamboyant stylist, Tech N9ne a wise librarian, The Butcher BabiesBill Moseley as the Magician, and Jesus Christ Superstar himself, Ted Neeley, lends his voice as one of God’s choir.

This film can become a cult classic and truly is something special. Zdunich and Bousman’s collaboration on this film was superb. As their Carnival begins to grow, I can see the momentum shifting towards a third part of the Devils Carnival. I sure hope it happens, because this is something that should be cherished among horror and music fans alike.

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