A New Chapter

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Aug 27, 2019

Posted By Tracy Fuller

I am a music enthusiast with a deep love for the energy of crowded venues, loud music, & passionate fans. I have a diverse background that includes private security, talent buying, festival security planning, & media relations. I've also worked as a camera operator for various projects, including music videos featuring notable artists like Bernz, Tech N9ne, & Krizz Kaliko. Additionally, I am a camera operator for Full Moon Features, where I contribute to the production of horror movies.

So earlier this year the True Juggalo Family website domain name had expired and was immediately swooped up by a reseller who tried to sell it back to us at a ridiculous price. As a media outlet, I felt like we were at a crossroads with it.I had to choose to pay an unfair amount of money to get it back, let the brands socials just turn into an only a social thing, or to completely rebrand everything and build a new website.Over time, I had to let myself think of what I would do. Along that path, I reached out to the homie Scotty over at FLH and was welcomed with open arms and have since continued to help out as staff over there(and will remain too!) while I make my decision.Alas, I have decided to rebrand everything and start a new website. While the focus will continue to have a strong emphasis on music, it will also have ties to film, gaming and pop culture. Something we were already doing on the True Juggalo Family website. I have fallen in love with the idea of having an outlet based on media so much it has inspired me to go to school to get a degree in Mixed Media focusing on TV production & photography. So for me, it only made sense to go this path.To everyone along the way who has helped True Juggalo Family become what it was, I am truly grateful for you. Jerry “Mr. Hatchet” I’m beyond thankful for bringing me in from day one and entrusting this to me. James”RandomNinja”, thank you for everything you’ve ever encouraged me with. I could name so many staff members over the years, just know that I love you guys. Of course, I can’t forget my brother Scotty D for not only being my friend for all of this but welcoming me aboardThis outlet truly has given me the passion to do what I really want to do in life. To everyone out there reading this, I want to thank you as well. This community had awoken a part inside of me at a crucial period in my life. Your continued love and support for the content and for what we do blow me away.Finally, I present to you what I’ve been working to bring to life, I bring to you #NOISEFROMTHEPIT ~ Tracy Fuller


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